1000 Words a Day Writing Challenge

This blog is turning out to be a shelf of what I’d intended it to be.

When I purchased the domain name back in 2015, I was thinking of creating something as resourceful as Mr. Money Mustache blog. Damn, that blog.

However, life just happened. I lost focus more than multiple years and I’ve not been good at sticking to my goals.

This year, I’ll be 33. And I’m getting scared that life is catching up with me when I’ve not done really what I wanted to do.

It’s 10 days to the end of March. The first quarter of the year is already gone and I haven’t achieved anything significant, yet.

I’m changing that. Let this be a start to a more committed me.

1000 Words a Day Project

I’ve always wanted to do the 1000 Words a Day Challenge.

As you can tell, this challenge is all about writing 1000 words a day, come rain or shine.

I have multiple projects at the backburner that require a lot of content. I want to use this challenge to cover some of the content requirements for the site.

To console myself that I haven’t wasted the first quarter of the year, I am backdating the challenge to January 1st.

Therefore, since today is the 78th day of the year, I have a backlog of 78,000 words to write.

I will be updating this post with the days, amount of words that need to have been written, as well as my current number of words.

Let the challenge begin.

1000 Words Challenge Date Tracker

20th March, 2019

Words Written Today: 0

Where I Should Be: 78,000 Words

Deficit: -78,000



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