August Recap/September Goals

Howdy reader,

If you are here today, you can bet you are among the <10 people reading this blog. Yes, the blog is still in its infancy and I haven’t done any promotions on social media or any other avenues.

In fact, I write on this blog as if it’s my journal. My business journal. So, count yourself lucky that you’ve stumbled upon it 😀

I haven’t provided any updates on my TAC Project over the past one week. I took a brief hiatus to Uganda and couldn’t access the Internet for one week. Now, if you think you can’t live without the Internet, you’re lying to yourself. You can survive it…trust me.

One thing that I’ve realized after stay internet-less for one week is that my mind is more clear and I’m feeling more energetic. Perhaps I was nearing burnout with the TAC project and needed the one week break.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there is a lot of clutter on social media that makes the head just full with everything but progress. I came back to over 100 notifications on Facebook and from glancing at them, it’s the usual hullabaloo in the marketing groups.

So, as September sets in, I’m resolving to spend less time on social media, especially Facebook. Yes, there’s a ton of good information on the site but also a lot of distractions.

I’m also cutting down the time I spend reading marketing blogs. I believe everything I’ve read so far is sufficient to help me with my online businesses. No offense to anyone who’s blog I’ve been stalking with comments.

With that said, let’s do a recap for what happened in August and what’s coming up in September.

August Recap

i) Started the Millionable blog. This is my personal business journal documenting my journey to making a million dollars online.

ii) Started The Amazon Challenge. You can read all the posts under the challenge here.

August Stats

Traffic stats (if you care): zero visitors

Income: zero dollars

September Plans

i) Start promoting the Millionable blog. I will basically do some social media sharing and blog comments.

ii) Continue with The Amazon Challenge.  This will be my main focus.

iii) Finish building my web hosting website and start looking for customers.

iv) Create social media profiles for the Blog.

Issues Arising

A number of issues have arisen during the course of The Amazon Challenge. The major issue is that I will need about $300 to $1000 dollars for the initial inventory.  I hadn’t planned for this.

Therefore, I have to work hard and get at least $300  for TAC. My aim is to get at least $500 set aside for the inventory. I need to up my hustle.



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