15 Best Cash-Back Apps for Saving Money on Everything

15 Best Cash-Back Apps for Saving Money on Everything

Are you looking for a good cash-back app that will help you save some money at the end of each month? Then you came to the right place. The following are the free apps that people use to save money on day-to-day purchases – from food to utilities to clothing and much more.

During the last couple of years, a lot of new cash-back apps for shopping have surfaced in the market. People can use the apps to save money on clothes, food, groceries, utilities, travel and several other things.

Cash-back apps are not only a better option than clipping out coupons physically, they are very practical as well. I bet you’ve left the house without the coupons you’ve been meaning to use more times than you can count or didn’t remember to bring along a physical ad that you needed to price match. Thanks to cash-back apps which are on phones, you’ll be able to save more money.

Cash-Back Apps with Browser Extensions (for Online Shopping)

Below are a number of the most popularly used cash-back browser extensions and apps that can be used to get some money back on your day-to-day expenditures.

1. CapitalOne Shopping

CapitalOne Shopping is a browser extension and app for coupons. The company was created in 2014 and was later taken over in 2018 by Capital One

How it works: Once you download the CapitalOne Shopping browser extension and start shopping online, the company will send you alerts whenever there are any coupons available or they get a better price on an item from somewhere else. To claim the deal, you’ll just need to click on the CapitalOne pop-up button.


  • Low payout threshold (most gift cards are worth $5)
  • Easy to operate and install
  • You’ll get alerts about any price drops from the watchlist feature
  • Multiple saving options (CapitalOne Shopping credits, coupons, local deals and more)


  • Tracks you previous shopping experiences
  • Doesn’t a lot of gift card options like other sites

How to cash out: Your CapitalOne credits can be directly exchanged for free gift cards on the company’s website. The payout for gift cards starts at $5.

Referral program: You’ll be given a special link that can be used to invite family, friends and other people to join CapitalOne Shopping. However, they don’t clarify whether or not you’re given cash credit for everyone who signs up using your referral link.

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2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an app and site for rewards that offers people cash and gift cards for performing their day-to-day tasks online.

How it works: You’ll be awarded points (known as Swagbucks) for taking surveys, shopping online, buying gift cards, watching videos, playing games and browsing the internet using their search engine.


  • The app doesn’t have a limit on how many points one can earn on a daily basis
  • Lots of ways and opportunities for people to earn gift cards and cash


  • It can take a long time to gather enough Swagbucks that can be cashed out (this is determined by the activities you take part in)
  • Very little pay for many activities

How to cash out: When you manage to earn Swagbucks worth $5, the points can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite stores or cashed out through PayPal money.

Referral program: You’ll earn the first $10 after signing up for Swagbucks. You can also earn some extra cash by referring your family and friends to the app. For every person that joins the app through your referral link, you’ll be awarded 10% of their earnings.

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3. RebasteMe

RebasteMe is a generous and flexible cash-back app that you can use when shopping. Although the app is new in the market, it precedes most of its peers because it provided people with everyday cash-back offers together with certain offers on “double cash-back” in more than 4,000 retailers.

How it works: RebasteMe is a straight to the point app. The first step to get the app is to download it on your mobile phone via Android or iOS. You can also get the app using Chrome browser extension whenever you want to shop online. With the app, you’ll be able to see any cash back offers from partnering retailers as well as be able to shop using the app’s double dip section: this is a marketplace for gift cards that offers $3 discount (as well as extra reward points) when you buy gift cards to retail stores that you normally shop from anyway. Discounted gift cards, cash-back, reward points – everything adds up to help you save a lot of money on your day-to-day shopping.


  • Immediate $5 bonus when you sign up
  • Instant notifications from the browser on new cash-back opportunities at your favorite stores
  • Continuous cash-back offers in the most used shopping categories (electronics, jewelry, health/supplements, luxury apparel, sports/outdoors etc.)
  • Cash-back protection program. in case you use RebatesMe to shop and don’t receive your rewards (this is a common issue that’s caused the complexity of tracking) you’ll receive a purchase of about $1,000


  • It’s a new app and the company is still trying to improve its functionality


4. Rakuten

Rakuten is an app the gives cash back and rebates on all in-store and online purchases at partner retailers.

How it works: Users can search for deals from either the app or website. The app’s browser extension applies and looks for promo codes as well as cash-back offers whenever you shop online.


  • Multiple ways to get rebates
  • Can use the desktop version or app to look for offers
  • Has numerous partner companies which makes it easy for customers to receive cashback


  • Cash back rewards can only be redeemed once every quarter

How to cash out: The rewards earned from Rakuten can be cashed out through PayPal money or check but you need a minimum of $5.01 to be able to cash out.

Referral program: Referring new members is another way to earn money on Rakuten. The people you refer should be new to the app and don’t have an existing account.

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5. Honey

Honey is a browser extension that doesn’t charge people to look for online discount codes.

How it works: Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, you’ll start receiving discount codes from Honey each time you shop online. This will save you from having to search manually.

You’ll get alerts about any available deals from the Honey browser extension before you check out. If you like any deal, it will be added to your purchase. The app has a feature known as Droplist which enables you to track the process of particular products and get an alert when there’s a drop in prices.


  • Available for Android and iPhone devices
  • Price tracker feature helps you get discounts for expensive and large purchases
  • Compatible with every internet browser
  • Automatic savings; you don’t need to search for coupons and discount codes
  • The rewards program enables you to get gift cards once you reach a particular amount when shopping via Honey


  • You need the app’s browser extension to be able to use Honey
  • Will be linked on all your shopping pages
  • It doesn’t get all the discount codes

How to cash out: You won’t get any money back because Honey uses discount codes and coupons. You’ll have to save money beforehand. However, if you use Honey Gold, the app’s reward program, you’ll be able to cash out for gift cards when you have 1,000 Honey Gold points.

Referral program: You can send a referral link to your family and friends so that you can be awarded with Honey Gold when anyone makes a purchase for the first time. You’ll get honey gold worth $5 for every friend you refer.

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Automatic Cash-Back Apps

You’ll start getting cash back and coupons and coupons after you open an account with one of these apps. The rewards will automatically be added to your account when you shop.

6. Dosh

Dosh is another rebate app that gives users up to 10% cashback for shopping at one of their participating retailers and using a credit or debit cards that’s linked to the account.

How it works: Unlike most cash-back services, you can easily get cash back with Dosh. All you have to do is download the app and link a debit or credit card. While you might be required to select a deal and scan a receipt by other cash back apps, all you have to use when using Dosh is to sign up and shop.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • No specific offers and rebates to redeem


  • Can only be found in the U.S.
  • You won’t be able to use a card that has already been linked on another site

How to cash out: Your account needs to have at least $25 before the funds can be redeemed. This is a slightly higher redemption limit compared to what is being offered by other apps. When you get to this threshold, you can get your money through direct deposit or PayPal.

Referral program: You’ll get an additional $5 for every one you refer to use the Dosh. The app also has an option that allows you to partner with other businesses. You be awarded with a 20% bonus from the businesses that are partners with Dosh. You’ll also get $5 for signing up and linking a card.

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7. Drop

Another free app that gives people rewards for shopping every day is Drop.

How it works: You can start by downloading the Drop app to your phone, open an account and link a credit or debit card to the account so that you can begin getting rewards. You’ll be awarded points every time you shop with one of the partnering retailers on Drop’s list. You can get more rewards for integrating other apps, referring family and friends, completing Mobile or Linked offers, etc.


  • Points never expire
  • Has a browser extension
  • If you linked a card, you’ll automatically get rewards
  • Works with both debit and credit cards
  • Savings can be redeemed for gift cards
  • Available and free on Android and iPhone devices


  • There are limited cash-back options
  • A lot of complains about customer support
  • Points can’t be redeemed for cash (only gift cards)
  • To get the browser extension, you must provide an email address
  • Only works when you pay for your purchases with a credit or debit card

How to cash out: 1,000 points are equivalent to $1. When you have 5,000 points, they can be redeemed for gift cards to different retailers like Target, Starbucks and Amazon.

Referral program: Drop gives users a refer code that they can use to invite family and friends to the app. If the people you refer go through the entire registration process, you’ll be awarded with $5 for each referral. You can only use your referral code for 10 friends.

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8. Pei

If you’re looking for a unique cash-back app which enables you to link a debit or credit card and get money back in for of cash or Bitcoin, Pei is for you. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, and you’ll be awarded with $5 simply for signing up.

How it works: You’ll receive cash in your account when you shop at from one of the retailers that are partners with Pei.


  • Automatic redemption
  • You can get cash back in form of Bitcoin
  • They are partners with brands like Target, Starbucks and Lyft


  • The minimum amount that can be cashed out is $25

How to cash out: You need a minimum of $25 to be able to cash out. You can redeem your Pei points via a gift card, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Referral program: For each friend you refer to the app and signs in using your referral code, you’ll be awarded with $5. You can find the referral code on the app.

Cash-Back Grocery Apps

The following grocery-specific cash-back apps are beneficial to everyone.

9. Ibotta

One of the most popular and best cash-back apps meant for groceries is Ibotta. Since Ibotta’s launch in 2012, the app has gotten almost 22 million downloads and made cash back payments worth more than $200 million dollars to its clients.

How it works: You can look for available deals from your local grocery store through the website or app and choosing the ones you’re interested in. However, you may be required to complete a simple task such as answering a question or watching a video in order to get the deal. When you done shopping, you can either link your store loyalty cards or scan the receipt before you can claim the rebates.

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  • There are multiple deals to select from
  • Easy to look for available offers and add them to your account


  • Offers can expire
  • You’ll need to select deals manually in advance
  • If you want cash back, you need to scan the receipt in less than a week or miss out on it

How to cash out: When you get $20, the money can be cashed out through a gift card to one of your favorite retailers, Venmo or PayPal.

Referral program: When you sign up and redeem your first offer, you’ll receive a $10 in your account from Ibotta. Another way to earn extra cash is to use your personalized referral link to refer your family and friends. When someone signs up, you’ll be awarded with $5 that will be paid into your account. However, they must purchase products from specific brands. Offers from “Any Brand” can’t be redeemed and they don’t have bonuses attached to them.

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10. Checkout 51

If you’re looking for a free rebate app where you can cash back by scanning your receipts after doing grocery shopping, then Checkout 51 is for you.

How it works: Start by downloading the app for free, browse for available offers and shop. When you finish shopping, you can scan your receipts so that you can receive cash back. unlike other cash back apps, you can claim offers from different stores. You can shop from any store of your choice and still get your reward. The offers are posted on a weekly basis.


  • Offers are posted every Thursday morning
  • Normally a significant number of deals for $1
  • Rebates and deals on produce
  • The deals can be used together with other discounts and coupons
  • Some products qualify for bonus offers


  • Cash-out options are limited (only check)
  • Offers ca only be used within a week
  • Must upload all your receipts very fast (before they expire) because if you don’t, you may lose the chance of getting rebates
  • Limited number of deals, so make sure you claim them before others do

How to cash out: When you get to the $20 threshold, the money ca be cashed out and you can get payment through check. The cash back money can’t be paid in form of PayPal or direct deposit.

Referral program: You can use your referral link to refer your friends and family to Checkout 51. You’ll receive a $10 cash back while the newbie will get $2 when someone registers and redeems an offer. The new member can get an extra $3 when they redeem 3 more offers.

11. Fetch Rewards

Fetch rewards is also free rebate apps for groceries where you can get cash back on selected items.

How it works: When you’re done shopping, make sure you use the app to scan your receipt. If there are any items on rebate, they’ll be added to your account.

There are several offers which are categorized as “special offers” that will earn you additional points. you won’t be required to select the offers you want beforehand, and there aren’t any additional tasks that you’ll have to finish before you get an offer.


  • Easy and free to use
  • You can get rebates from warehouse stores such as Costco, drugstores, grocery stores and liquor stores
  • No special activities to complete before you can unlock offers


  • Not many offers available
  • Offers can have certain limitations or requirements (for example, purchasing a specific quantity)
  • Points can only be cashed out gift cards, there’s no cash back
  • Number of points you get on offers is very low

How to cash out: When you get 3,000 points, they can be cashed out for gift cards to major stores such as Sephora, Target and Amazon.

Referral program: For each person you refer, you’ll earn 2,000 points on Fetch Rewards once your receipt has been submitted. You can use your link to refer as many people to the app.

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Apps That Offer More Than Cash Back

Most of the time you can use different rewards and cash-back apps at once in order to maximize your earnings and savings.

12. Shopkick

Shopkick is another rewards app where you can earn money by completing various tasks instead of spending money. Most of the tasks can be completed very easily.

How it works: You’ll be awarded points or “kicks” for completing tasks such as visiting multiple stores, scanning barcodes for selected items, shopping online and shopping using a linked card. When you have enough points, they can cash them out for gift cards.


  • Can earn kicks without difficulty
  • Digital gift cards and they are sent very quickly
  • Easy and free app to use
  • Larger rewards selection


  • Since apps need a lot of permission, you’ll have to give out a lot of personal information
  • Might take a lot of time to get enough points to cash out later
  • Generally, can only redeem points for gift cards

How to cash out: You can redeem your points for free gift cards to major retailers suck as Starbucks, Amazon, Target and Sephora. The points can also be redeemed for cash or other prizes available on Shopkick. The offers vary so you’ll need to watch out for what’s available.

Referral program: Similar to other cash back apps, you can refer your family and friends to Shopkick through your referral link and code. When one of them uses your referral code or link to sign up and downloads the app, you’ll get 250 kicks after they scan their receipts on the app within 7 days of joining.

Bonus: Readers can will get a bonus for downloading the Shopkick app. You’ll receive 1,250 kicks (equivalent to $5) for signing up with the code DOLLARSPROUT and making a purchase that qualifies for cash back in less than seven days of joining.

13. MyPoints

MyPoints is an app and online survey site which gives people discount codes of at least 40% off from more than 2,000 retailers.

How it works: You can get rewards after completing tasks such as watching videos, shopping online, playing games, taking surveys and reading emails from MyPoints. The points can be cashed out for gift cards from different retailers like Amazon and 75+ others.


  • Points are easy to accrue
  • Free
  • You’ll not be asked to give lots of personal details
  • You’ll receive payment quickly


  • Can only be accessed by resident of Canada and the United States
  • Don’t have a great point tracking system and as a result, your points can get lost
  • Some earnings take a lot of time to reflect in your account

How to cash out: You can cash out a minimum number of points which can be redeemed from MyPoints either as PayPal cash or cash deposit in your bank account.

Referral program: You’ll be awarded with 25 points for each family member or friend you refer using your referral link to use the MyPoints app. If the person makes a $20 purchase or more in less than 30 days after registering on the app, you’ll receive an additional 10% of all their future earnings or 750 points.

14. Receipt Hog

Receipt hog is also an app for scanning receipts allowing you to get cash back for shopping in selected stores and scanning your receipts afterwards.

How it works: The first thing you need to do is download the app and scan your receipts after shopping. You’ll earn additional coins and rewards by completing multiple tasks including answering survey questions, using Hog Slots to play different mini-games and running errands. Submitting every one of your receipts gets you entry in the company’s sweepstake which is done on a monthly basis. Winners stand the chance to earn up to 5,000 points.


  • Plenty of opportunities to get additional coins
  • Don’t have to look for available offers beforehand
  • Possibility of receiving actual cash back
  • Receipts can be submitted virtually in different stores


  • Before you claim the earned coins, you’ll be required to answer questions regarding your trip, which will then be used as market research
  • There’s a two-week deadline where receipts must be submitted
  • You’ll only be able to submit 3 receipts from a single store every day

How to cash out: When you have 1,000 coins, they can be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards from Amazon or magazine subscriptions.

Referral program: The referral program on Receipt Hog was discontinued.

15. Freebird

Freebird is a reward app where you can use your earnings to take rides with Uber and Lyft.

How it works: First step is to download the app and linked it with your Lyft and Uber accounts. Another way to earn points is by linking your card to your Freebird account and purchasing items with it.


  • Cash out can only be done through a valid debit card
  • App has high rating on both Google Play Store and App Store
  • You can get rewards for taking rideshare rides


  • Can’t use a credit card to cash out
  • You’ll need to select your rides and toggle manually between Lyft and Uber

How to cash out: You can use a valid debit card to cash out your rewards. However, you won’t be to use a credit or prepaid card to cash out your earnings. Freebird doesn’t clarify whether they are going to include these options in the future.

Referral program: You’ll be awarded $5 for every friend you refer while the person will get $10 ($5 each for the first two rides). An invite code can be found in the Freebird app.

How to Maximize Your Rewards
The following are some of the tips you can use to get the most when using cash-back apps:

Use multiple apps. You can get different offers from multiple apps, by using the apps simultaneously ensures that you’re receiving as much money as possible in the form of cash back.

Take advantage of bonuses and referral programs. Whenever possible, ask your family members and friends to sign up for a couple of the rebate programs you’re in. This will enable them to save money and you’ll also receive additional cash or points in your account.

Combine offers with coupons. If you shop frequently, you probably aren’t new to couponing. Combining available discounts with rebates from the app will help get much more in terms of cash back. This method is also suitable for rewards from credit cards offers if you don’t mind using a credit card to do most of your shopping.

Use app portals to shop. When you use portal links to purchase your items, you’ll be able to get bigger rebates and discounts. Just ensure to purchase the items that you really need.

Take a look at the rules. Most offers and apps have deadlines, limits and a couple of other program rules. Make sure you follow the rules so that you can get as many offers as possible. For example, if you forget to scan your receipt after shopping, you can easily miss out on a rebate.

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How to Get the Best Cash-Back Apps

The kind of cash-back app you’ll get is determined by how often and where you shop from, as well as the kind of reward systems you prefer. However, the best of getting reliable cash-back apps is by trying out the ones with deals that you’re interested in and discover which ones works best for you.

Every cash-back app offers a different experience, so make sure you sign up on multiple platforms. There are apps that better deals on items that you shop for regularly, and there are others that you’ll need to use a lot of effort before you can get the right deals.

The most important thing to consider when selecting your favorite app is to ensure that you’re getting rewards for doing you day-to-day task and that it helps make thing easier for you. If you use less effort to do your shopping, you’ll get much higher return for the time you invested on the task.

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