FlexJobs Review

FlexJobs Review

FlexJobs does their own hand screens for all jobs that are posted so there aren’t any scams. The company does most of the heavy lifting on your behalf so that people are able to confidently apply for different job opportunities with ease. Continue reading to find out whether it’s the right fit for you.

There are numerous benefits that come with working from home that aren’t available in a regular 9-5 office job.

For instance, you won’t have to commute to the office and deal with rush hour traffic. You’ll be able to lounge in your pajamas during the day and do some of your laundry on a Wednesday morning without any worry.

If you’re excited about the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home, you might be asking yourself how you can get a suitable work-from-home gig for yourself.

Join FlexJobs Corporation. FlexJobs is a job board found online that’s meant for people who are looking for desirable work-from-home prospects.

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a website for jobs which deals with part-time, freelance, flexible and telecommuting opportunities. The site was created in 2007 by Sara Sutton Fell, who by then was a working mother in need of some flexibility in her career. When she realized how hard it was for people to get flexible, legitimate work opportunities.

Since the invention of FlexJobs over a decade ago, 3.8 million people have joined the site so that they can get flexible jobs.

Is FlexJobs Safe and Legitimate?

Just like Monster or CareerBuilder, the job board on FlexJobs is very legitimate. The only thing that differentiates FlexJobs from the other sites is that it deals with flexible job opportunities which allow people to select when to start and stop working.

If you’re working a flexible position, you won’t need to work the regular business hours from 8 to 5 if that’s not what you want. You can decide to work from 6 to 2, during the weekends, or when you have some free time in your schedule.

You won’t have to deal with any kind of work from home scams because FlexJobs conducts thorough hand screens for all jobs before they are posted. FlexJobs basically does most of the work on your behalf so that you’re able to confidently look for flexible job opportunities.

This is the perfect resource for parents who are looking for jobs that give them more time for their kids and family, people living in rural areas and can’t easily find employment or a freelancer who is looking for more projects and clients.

FlexJobs is also beneficial to someone who is looking for a job opportunity that allows them to earn cash from the comfort of their home.

How Does FlexJobs Work?

FlexJobs has partnership with numerous different companies that directly post flexible jobs on their website. They have a team of researchers who conduct thorough research on every job resource such as industry blogs, employer sites and other job boards so that they can find flexible, vacant positions.

Each time they find an opportunity that looks promising, they do more screening and only post it on their job board after they’ve confirmed that it is legit. The screening process is done by an experienced researcher who finds out everything about the company, ensuring that the vacancy goes through rigorous criteria.

All the jobs found on FlexJobs are posted inclusive of a job summery which is written by the stuff including a company description and headquarters. Also included is a direct method that people can use to apply for the job.

The FlexJob website charges a user fee, and you won’t be disappointed because they help you save time and not have to guess whether a job is legitimate. The best thing about FLexJobs is that they keep scammers away.


No scams. FlexJobs doesn’t have any scams because they do a thorough background check before any job listing is posted on the site. This is a great advantage since most of the flexible job opportunities available online are normally posted by scammers.

Money-back guarantee. In case you don’t like FlexJobs, you’ll be able to ask for a refund within 30 days of opening or renewing your account. The money-back guarantee is a perfect way to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

Variety of jobs. There are more than 50 job categories on FLexJobs as well as job opportunities ranging from entry-level to executive. Time commitment also varies from freelance to full-time.

Great sorting options. There are several filtering options provided so that you’re able to refine your search. You can use specific keywords to look for vacancies or search by career level, category, work schedule and U.S. location.

Time saving. Job searching isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re looking for a work-from-home, flexible position. With FlexJobs, you’ll be able to save some time searching for a job since the company scours various job boards, company sites, blogs as well as other online resources. The vacancies are then posted in one place, providing you with a central hub numerous job opportunities.

No ads. When looking for opportunities on FlexJobs, you won’t come across any ads that can get in your way or distract you.


Fee. You’ll be charged a fee for joining FlexJobs before you’re able to look for jobs on the site.

Salaries are rarely posted. Most employers that post job vacancies on the site don’t include information regarding salary when they make postings. You won’t be able to know what the job pays until after you send your application and are interviewed by the employer.

Not all vacancies are work-from-home jobs. Although most of the vacancies posted on FlexJobs are work-from-home opportunities, there those that aren’t. The website also features opportunities that require you to work-from-home part time and jobs which provide a complete remote option.

Many IT or tech-related jobs. You’ll discover that most listings on FlexJobs are tech-related or IT jobs. This is a disadvantage for people with no experience in this field.

Jobs are listed on other sites. Some of the opportunities available on FlexJobs can also be found in other sites on the internet. This means that the postings aren’t only available to members.

Hand-screened Jobs

FlexJobs is aware of the numerous scams and too-good-to-be-true opportunities on the internet. This is why they have trained researchers who make sure that the jobs are hand-screened. The company vets all the job postings individually ensuring that they are professional, legitimate and flexible. If a job goes against these criteria or has expired, it will be removed from the site.

Since FlexJobs hand-screens the jobs posted on the site, you’ll have an easier, safer and faster job search experience. This will save you from al the frustrations associated with work-from-home job opportunities.

Job Resources

Although FlexJobs is mostly known for posting fully vetted opportunities, the website also has a couple of other job resources which might be useful to you. As a member of FlexJobs, you’ll be able to access 170 expert skills tests, job search checklists, career articles and videos where you’ll learn how to improve your resume.

You’ll also be able to sign up for a personalized resume review and career coaching at an extra fee. The career coaches on FlexJobs are very experienced and will be able to answer all the questions about your resume, how to succeed in a remote job etc.

Member Savings

FlexJobs ensures that its members have an affordable experience by providing discounts more than 60 products and services for easy and comfortable job searching as well as to help improve your lifestyle. FlexJobs has partnerships with companies such as Sittercity, WeWork, Dell, Audible and TurboTax which will save you between 10 to 50% on a different kinds of purchases.

With these great deals, you’ll be able to offset the amount of money you spent on membership on FlexJobs.

FlexJobs Pricing

There’s no free trial period on FlexJobs, but they have a discounted trial period that costs $6.95 for one week. If you become a member, you can select from either of the following membership options available.

1 month for $14.95: This membership is well suited for someone who is looking for the most affordable membership plan on FlexJobs. It’s the right choice if you’re certain that you job search won’t take a long time.

3 months for $29.95: If you need a realistic amount of time to look for a job, then this is the right option for you.

1 year for $49.95: If you fell like you’ll need more than three months to look for the right job or are only interested in freelance jobs, this membership that runs for a year will be a great choice for you.

You can comfortably sign up on FlexJobs to check out their services, and if you don’t like what they are offering you can ask for a refund within 30 days. For a more cost-effective experience, you can opt to use the FlexJob promo codes. They can be found by searching for “FlexJobs coupons”.

Types of Jobs Available on FlexJobs

FlexJobs has more than 50 different categories, therefore you can look for a specific category or several different ones that you’re interested in and those that match your experience.

Data Entry

Data entry is a good work-from-home opportunity for people who are efficient and don’t mind doing repetitive work. If you’re luck to get a data entry job on FlexJobs, you’re going to be entering data into a secure file system or a computer.

Some data entry jobs also involve other types of clerical activities.


If you’re good at finding grammar and spelling mistakes and view yourself as a strong writer, a remote editing job may be the perfect option for you. Working an editing job at FlexJobs involves reviewing so that readers can understand it without difficulty.

You can choose to add photos, captions, table and graphs so that the content is more compelling.

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Fashion and Beauty

Do you consider yourself a beauty junkie or fashionista? If so, you can look for a work-from-home opportunity in the fashion and beauty industry. There are numerous job opportunities on FlexJobs from the makeup and skincare, clothing, hair and accessories industries. Such jobs provide you with the opportunity to develop, test and promote various types of consumer products.


There are numerous marketing opportunities available in every industry. A marketing job involves promoting products and services using different techniques like advertising, digital marketing and public relations.

Some of the marketing jobs available on FlexJobs include sales manager, business development manager, consultant and account executive.

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If you’re a detail-oriented and fast typer, you can look for a transcription job. the job involves listening to recorded audio and typing the information into text format on behalf of clients such as law firms and hospitals. Transcription jobs normally pay you per audio hour, which means that the amount of money you’ll earn is determined on the rate set for an hour of transcribed audio.

Some of the transcription jobs available on FlexJobs are for a keypunch technician, typist and an electronic data processor.

Web Design

Web design is in high demand because most of the businesses have websites. If you have the skills required to design responsive and professional websites for clients in different industries, you can look for a work-from-home opportunity in the field.

FlexJobs normally refers to web designers as graphic designers, web developers, photo experts and web and internet artists.

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If you can speak another language fluently, you can use the skill to earn some cash at home. There are numerous job opportunities for bilingual professionals on FlexJobs. If you’re fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or other languages, you can easily work-from-home as an interpreter, quality rater, translator or customer service representative.

Being fluent in a second language is considered as a unique skill, this means there’s very little competition on FlexJobs for bilingual jobs than other jobs in different categories.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality jobs can be the right fit for you if you’ve always wanted to help other people to experience different cultures and visit new places. There are job opportunities for remote hospitality managers, travel support specialists and travel agents available on FlexJobs.

Also available are several travel-related, remote jobs that will provide you with the opportunity to work with international clients. You can even be lucky to get some travel perks while working these jobs.

Animals and Wildlife

It may seem unbelievable but FlexJobs actually has some work-from-home job opportunities in the animals and wildlife field. If you have a passion for the animal and wildlife industry, you can be lucky to land a job at a wildlife agency, work at a veterinary clinic, a zoo, an animal protection organization or a cruelty prevention agency.

FlexJobs is Worth a Shot

If you’re looking for a professional and legitimate freelance job, consider joining FlexJobs Corporation. It is the best work-from-home job website and in case you don’t like what they are offering you can get a money-back refund.

Becoming a member of FlexJobs might be the answer you’ve been looking for in relation to flexibility and freedom, it’s worth a shot.

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