6 Simple Ways of Getting Free Amazon Gift Cards

6 Simple Ways of Getting Free Amazon Gift Cards

The routine you follow on a daily basis can help you get free gift cards from common retailers such as Amazon. The following are some easy ways you can use to ensure your reward accumulate automatically.

Are you aware that there are numerous different ways that you can earn free gift cards from Amazon? Even though it sounds like a scam, it actually is not. There are various different ways for you to get free gift cards from other retailers also.

Most companies normally give rewards to their users as an incentive so that they can participate in small tasks. For instance, you can win gift cards for playing games, taking part in some online surveys or for doing your shopping in certain stores. In exchange, the companies are given data regarding consumer behavior or, in certain incidences, they receive a percentage of money spent when you shop from particular retailers.

Although you’re required to complete certain tasks to unlock the codes for your free gift cards from Amazon, they don’t need a lot of effort and time.

6 Ways of Getting Free Gift Cards from Amazon

The simplest method of getting free gift cards from Amazon is to use apps and services that offer their users incentives with digital currency.

1. Take Paid Surveys

Participating in paid online surveys won’t necessarily make you rich. However, there are various different ways for you to make money online which you can use to earn free gift cards from Amazon during your free time. Before you can get the free gift cards, you’ll be required to create an account with either of the sites below. There are sites that give bonuses to new members for signing up, which can later be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

Make sure you compete your profile in every site you decide to join and also answer all the questions as accurately as you can. This will enable them to send you relevant surveys instead of answering pre-survey question which may end up having you disqualified.

Swagbucks is one of the online platforms that has reward programs that allow its users to get points for watching videos, participating in online surveys, playing games, shopping online using the Swagbucks search engine etc. For every task that is completed successfully, you will be rewarded with points referred to as Swagbucks or SBs.

As soon as you’ve collected 300 Swagbucks, they can be redeemed for a free $3 gift card on Amazon, or you can continue gathering more points for a better cash out.

Swagbucks can also be redeemed for gift cards too stores like Walmart, Target, Starbucks and numerous other major outlets. You can also redeem the points for PayPal cash. You will also be offered a $10 sign-up bonus for downloading and using their app.

For more details about the highest (as well as lowest) paying options, read our Swagbucks review.

2. Search with Bing

Google doesn’t pay users for using it as their default search engine, on the other hand, Microsoft Rewards will give you points for each search you make on Bing. If your job requires you to look up numerous things every day, you can use this to earn some money at the same time.

It will take some time before you can gather enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card, but since you’re going to be searching anyway, you can use the opportunity to earn some money.

3. Play Games on Your Phone

Apart from taking online surveys as a way of earning Amazon gift cards, there are apps that lets users earn rewards for playing games. The apps give you points every time you play a game and you can then redeem the points for gift cards for your favorite stores or cash.

Lucktastic is a mobile app for both Android and iOS users, that allows them to virtually play scratch-off lottery tickets.

You can join the app for free, thereafter you will win free Amazon gift cards, cash or tokens that you can use to play more games. Cash prizes vary between $2 to $1,500.

You can use a special referral link to refer your family and friends and get more tokens that you can later redeem. When anyone signs up using your referral link, you’ll be gifted with 1,000 tokens.

If you’d like to learn more about the different ways to earn money through this app, check out our Lucktastic review.

4. Use Certain Apps to Shop

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to play games or complete surveys, you can use online shopping apps to earn free Amazon gift cards for an activity that you’re already doing.

Shopkick is an app that provides its users with eight methods of earning rewards referred to as “kicks”. For instance, you’ll be able to earn kicks automatically for shopping in certain stores and earn extra kicks when the barcodes of specific items are scanned in the same stores.

This can only be possible if you let your app use your location (same applies to all the other apps), it automatically notifies you when you’re near a potential store. Moreover, each time you use a linked card to purchase items you’ll be awarded with kicks.

5. Redeem Grocery Cashback

If you’re not a frequent online shopper, you will be rewarded with a free Amazon gift card every time you buy groceries using the following apps.

Ibotta was originally a cashback app that was used for grocery shopping, but it was later improved other retailers such as Apple, Amazon, BarkBox and even Walgreen’s. With Ibotta, you have numerous options to select from.

The first step is to browse for the offers available in the app. Once you come across an offer, you can add it to your list with offers. You might be required to complete some activities such as watching videos or answering questions. When you’re done shopping, ensure that you submit your receipt, then you’ll receive your rewards in your account from Ibotta within 24 hours.

If you don’t want to keep scanning your receipts, you can instead link your loyalty cards so that you can automatically get rewards. You can either shop via the Ibotta app or online so that you are given cashback for everything you buy.

When you collect at least $20, you can cash out through Venmo, PayPal or it can be redeemed for free gift cards to Target, Amazon, Uber or any of the 300+ retailers that are members with them. if you’ve been longing to get membership on Amazon Prime, you’ll receive a $20 Amazon gift card from Ibotta for getting the membership via the company.

If you’d like to learn more about earning cashback through the app, read our Ibotta review.

6. Get Them Directly from Amazon

Although many people know about participating in online surveys in exchange of rewards and are also aware about apps used for cash-back shopping which can be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards, it’s easier to acquire them from the source directly.

Reload and Amazon Gift Card

Amazon currently has a great deal: reload a gift card that you already have with $100 or more and be rewarded with a free $10 bonus. If you’re a regular shopper on Amazon and want reload $100 or would like to purchase a gift card, then you shouldn’t waste any time getting the free money.

Consider the Amazon Visa Card

If you like getting cashbacks and you shop on Amazon on a regular basis, consider taking the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

You’ll immediately receive a free Amazon gift card worth $150 when you get approved. You can then double-dip all your purchases with a 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants, a 10% cash back on certain Prime purchases and 1% cashback on other things.

Trade In Your Books and Electronics

If you own a tablet or smartphone that you’re not using, you can use it to earn some money via Amazon’s Trade-In Program. The program purchases tablets, smartphones, e-readers, game consoles and books.

You’ll be required to send the gadgets for assessment before they are bought, but there are no shipping charges. If your gadgets are accepted, you’ll receive a free Amazon gift card for the items you traded-in. if they aren’t accepted, the company will send them back to you and you can try selling the electronics somewhere else.

Work for Amazon

If you’d like to get a flexible side gig, there’s a program on Amazon known as Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) it is basically a marketplace for online jobs.

There are companies that ask people to participate in different online tasks for money and people also look for work online that are suitable for them depending on their interests and skills. The tasks vary from video processing to transcribing to data entry to creating written content to taking surveys.

Your payment will be made in the form of Amazon gift cards which you can later redeem for cash in your bank account.

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How to Detect a Free Amazon Gift Card Scam

People get scammed out of Amazon gift cards the same way they get scammed with cash. If you’re contacted by someone claiming that you have some unpaid debts or owe back taxes that you need to pay using a gift card, it is definitely a scam. Scammers even lie to people that they have won some cash and that they need to pay a fee using an Amazon gift card before they can get the cash.

Other common scams include fake listings for things that need to be sold quickly, an emergency from a family member, hacked electronic devices or fake promotions for services such as the internet or cable TV.

If someone contacts you and asks you to pay a fee using an Amazon gift card, delete the email or hang up immediately. If the deal sounds too good to be true or like a scam, it most likely is.

Also, be on the lookout for sites that are offering a “free Amazon gift card generator”. There are no generators in existence and all the offers and promotions on the site are scam. Scammers normally offer codes for Amazon gift cards for people’s contact information. The information will then be sold on the internet.

Automate Your Earnings

There are different methods for acquiring free Amazon gift cards, and you cant really tell the exact places they are available,

The best place to begin from is the low-hanging fruit: getting gift cards for tasks you do all the time. Most people can consider it as shopping. If this is your case, opt for sites such as Ibotta, Rakuten and Swagbucks. When you open your free accounts, you’ll automatically receive rewards from every site.

The next step is to go for things that you’re interested in. For instance, if you like playing games, you can opt for apps that reward their users for participating in these types of activities. If you like influencing brands, answering questions and giving your opinion for certain topics, then you should take part in online surveys.

You might discover that some apps aren’t as eventful as others, especially if you can find a more legitimate side hustle where you can earn more cash. If this happens, don’t waste any more time on the app and look for something else. However, if you prefer getting free Amazon gift cards, there are a lot of options available out there.

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