13 Places to Get Free Baby Samples That New Moms Will Love

13 Places to Get Free Baby Samples That New Moms Will Love

Babies aren’t very cheap. This is why most new parent could benefit from every free baby sample they may find. This article outlines free baby samples, new gifts and coupons costing over $1,000 that new parent would love.

Life fact: babies are very expensive. So, most new parents can benefit from different types of free baby samples available out there.

When you consider all the expenses from baby clothes, diapers, travel gear, baby bottles among other things, having a baby can be pretty expensive. A USDA study conducted in 2017 stated that every average household in America uses more than $12,000 on every child they get per year.

These kinds of numbers are what make the baby market very competitive. The companies in this field are smart. They know how to get people to become paying customers very early, which in turn will make you stay with them (spending money in their stores) for many more years.

This is why most companies are ready and eager to give people free baby samples from time to time – its their way of playing the long-term game. Fortunately, it’s also beneficial to customers because they are able to save a lot of money on some common baby items.

Where to Find Free Baby Samples via Mail

Its not an easy task to find legit free baby samples online. Most companies give away “free” deals which in the long run aren’t really free because you have to spend extraneous amounts of money and try different things in return.

However, the baby items are provided on our list are actually free. Gathering all of them will help you save a lot of money on baby expenses during the first year.

In case you sign up for any of the offers listed here and you don’t get your free samples via mail, don’t hesitate to call the company responsible. Since there’s a lot of competition in the baby market, the companies try everything they can to turn you into a long term customer, they will offer you different free samples.

Free Baby Diapers Samples

One of the most important things babies need (apart from basic essentials of milk, food, comfort and warmth), is diapers.

Investopedia stated that during the first-year diapers can cost at least $550 or more, not forgetting an additional $240 for wipes. Every parent will jump at any opportunity that can help them save some money on diapers. Having free diaper samples is the way to go.

1. Free Honest Company Diapers and Shampoo Bundles

The Honest Company which was founded by Jessica Alba and is a wellness brand with the aim of changing the world using one product at a time. The intention of the company is to manufacture effective and safe products for families. They package comprises of two bundle options: the Essential Bundle or the Diapers and Wipes Bundle.

You will only have to pay $5.95 for shipping. You can find the Essential Bundle at Target at $13.99, and you’ll be saving at least 60%.

How to get the deal:

  1. Choose one of the free kits. (Or you can get both)
  2. Create an account (via Facebook)
  3. Check out
  4. Cancel the account within 7 days

If you wouldn’t want to keep receiving subscription boxes, make sure you cancel your account using your online portal or by contacting Honest Support via 1.888.862.8818.

2. Huggies

This is a very popular and love brand. What you may not be aware about is that they give free baby diapers as well as free baby samples, and all you have to do is join Huggies Rewards.

Once you become a rewards member in the company, you will be getting points for participating in online surveys, referring friends, buying Huggies Diapers and Wipes, sharing on social media or linking your loyalty card.

You’ll be awarded with 500 points as a sign-up bonus. The points can be redeemed for diapers, sweepstake entries, gift cards or several other merchandise.

How to get the deal:

  1. Become a member of Huggies Rewards to receive your first 500 points
  2. Refer friends (you’ll get 50 points for everyone you refer), and link your loyalty cards for points
  3. Redeem the points to get free samples from Huggies

Free Baby Formula Samples

One staple product that is found in most new parent’s kitchen is baby formula. The following are some methods of ensuring that your baby is getting the right kind of nutrition, and you’ll save some cash at the same time.

3. Similac

With the Similac StrongMons Rewards program provides new and expecting parents with offers of up to $400. Some of the rewards include nutritional guidance, Similac samples and coupons for baby formula. Once you open an account, you’ll automatically be entered to a competition where you can win a buybuy BABY gift card worth $1,000.

How to get the deal:

  1. Register for the Similac StrongMoms Rewards
  2. Get exclusive saving deals and free gift


4. Enfamil

This is another brand that rewards its members with free baby samples. When you join the Enfamil Family Beginnings program, you can get free gifts worth $400 during your pregnancy and after giving birth until your baby becomes a toddler. There are also other benefits like free samples, coupons for baby formula and offers for special savings.

How to get the deal:

  1. Join the Enfamil Family beginnings
  2. Wait for a welcome message in your inbox
  3. Receive different offers for free deals and discounts


5. Gerber

Gerber was well known for giving people free sample, but unfortunately their customer service recording states that they don’t do this anymore.

Luckily, the company still has the MyGerber program that assists pregnant women throughout their journey and at the beginning of their baby’s lives. The program includes interactive tools that can be used in monitoring the baby’s development and growth, exclusive coupons and free content on Gerber products.

How to get the deal:

  1. Become a member of MyGerber
  2. Contact their customer service at 1-800-408-7277 to confirm about free samples


6. Nestle’s Baby Formula

The Nestle Baby Club is also a program that gives out free samples on baby formular as well as other major deals. When you become a new member, you’ll receive a free welcome kit at your door step from the company.

You’ll also be awarded with samples and coupons worth $130, videos and practical tools for both seasoned and new parents, and free advice from child experts.

How to get the deal:

  1. Join the Nestle Baby Club
  2. Expect to receive a welcome gift in your mail
  3. Go to you account or look at your email for upcoming offers and deals

Create a Registry and Get Free Baby Samples

Companies and department stores such as Amazon, Target and Walmart give rewards to their customers with free baby samples once they create an online registry.

7. Amazon

Amazon Family rewards its users with family-oriented and exclusive offers and deals. Once you sign-up for the program, you’ll get a newsletter in your email with parenting tips, exclusive deals and product recommendations. They’ll also give you a 10% completion discount on every other item you have in your registry.

Note: The completion discount runs for only 60 days from the arrival date you provided in your registry and for another 14 days from when it was created.

There’s a catch to this – if you want to get the most out of this, you need to join Amazon Prime as well. Prime members are given a completion discount of 15%, 20% discount off baby food, diapers other products. You’ll also receive a free welcome box.

Members of Amazon Prime will receive all “rotating limited time offers”. Such offers include a free parenting eBook or Amazon Prints discounts.

How to get the deal:

  1. Make an Amazon Baby Registry
  2. Watch out for exclusive deals like a completion discount
  3. Join Amazon Prime and get more baby perks


8. Target

Once you have an online Target baby registry, you’ll get a welcome kit for free comprising of more than $100 worth of sample and coupons.

Unfortunately, the welcome kit will not be sent to your house and you’ll be required to go to a store near you to collect the gift. You’ll get a 15% eight weeks prior to your due date for the other items on your registry.

How to get the deal:

  1. Make a Target registry
  2. Collect your free welcome kit from a local store near you
  3. Wait to receive a 15% discount coupon before the end of you eight weeks due date


9. Babylist

The Babylist registry comprises of various meaningful gift that can be bought from stores such as home-cooked meals or a doula. Once you’ve created a registry that abides by all the requirements, you’ll get a free baby box from the company.

How to get the deal:

  1. First go through the eligibility requirements to know if you qualify
  2. Make a Babylist registry
  3. Provide your address and pay the shipping fee


10. Walmart

There’s a free welcome box for expecting and new parents provided by Walmart. Their registry program also comprises of free returns and a price match guarantee.

How to get the deal:

  1. Make a Baby Registry for Walmart
  2. Register for a free welcome box


11. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has a baby registry program but it doesn’t advertise for free baby samples. However, the company does offer various different good deals. Once you have a Kohl’s baby registry, they’ll send you free announcement cards that you can send to your family and friends.

Kohl’s will also send you a 20% coupon that you can use to buy in-store goods worth $100 or more using your registry. When you’re almost giving birth, they’ll send you another 15% discount for the other items in your registry.

How to get the deal:

  1. Create a Kohl’s baby registry
  2. Gather all your coupons

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Other Ways to Receive Free Baby Box Samples

Apart from signing up for rewards programs and baby registries, there are other ways of getting free baby box samples. The following are some of the ideas that will help you save cash.

12. Ask for Free Baby Box Samples from Your Doctor

Doctors normally receive free samples from companies that they can give out to their patients. This is a great idea because most patients trust their doctors and they would be more likely to keep buying the products they get from their doctor.

Call both local hospitals or your personal doctor’s office and check whether there are any free baby samples available. Apart from getting free samples, you can also advise you on where you can get the best deals and more free baby samples.

13. Get Cashback on Groceries

Ibotta is a company which pays people for completing various different tasks that they do on a regular basis. Once you’ve created an Ibotta account, the company will reward you with a welcome bonus worth $10.

After you’ve opened an account, the next step is linking your loyalty cards to it so that you can receive offers and get paid for shopping in certain stores. When your purchases are confirmed by Ibotta, you’ll receive your payment in you account in less than 48 hours.

You’ll then be able to use the cashback you earned (as well as in-store points) to purchase different baby products that can be found in the store.

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