How to Get a Free Car When You Can’t Afford One

How to Get a Free Car When You Can’t Afford One

Most people often need a car but aren’t able to afford to buy one for themselves. Luckily, there are a number of organizations out there which work around this by bridging the gab by providing free cars to people who need them. The best part is that you won’t be required to provide proof of financial need to get one.

Depending on your location, owning a car is a necessity. Without a dependable and safe car, you won’t be able to get to school, work or even raise your kids. Also, public transport in most neighborhoods isn’t easily accessible, reliable or affordable, this is why owning a car would be the easiest and most convenient wat to move around.

Different people like disable individuals, low-salaried workers and single mothers often need cars to get around but cannot afford one. Luckily, a couple of organizations out there have discovered this and have found that providing free cars is the best way to bridge the gap.

Does the Government Have Free Car Programs?

There are different government grants and programs available that help people cater for their basic requirements if they aren’t able to provide for themselves or their families. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to acquire a free car from the government. The only way this can happen is through private organizations, charities or well-wishers.

While the government doesn’t give out free cars, you’ll still be able to benefit from free housing, healthcare, food, and in some instances financial support. Getting assistance for some of these things will help free up room in your finances so that you’re able to buy a car. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to get a grant from the government to help cater for some of your bills or get some type of special financial assistance for people with low-income households.

If you rely on the government for assistance, then you’ll have to be very careful. Getting a free car from somewhere else can be considered as “extra income” and might cause you to be ineligible for further support from the government. You wouldn’t like to be disqualified from housing and food assistance, so ensure you go through the asset and income rules and regulations set by the government over such programs before you receive a free vehicle.

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Charities Which Donate Cars to Low-Income or Disabled People

These types of organizations get numerous applications throughout the year, and applicants aren’t required to provide proof of financial need before they can qualify for one. However, if you in need of financial assistance, this will make a huge difference in your situation. Go through the requirements for eligibility from every organization and don’t forget to do enough research so that you can find the one which is well suited for your needs.

1. Cars4Heros

Cars4Heroes is a 501 (c)(3) which provides military veterans, first responders and their families with free used cars especially if they can’t afford to get transportation by themselves. You can apply by filling in an application form providing information about your year of service, your branch that you serve in as a first responder or a military officer, the type of car you need, and some other personal details.

Once you finish applying, the application will be kept in a file for at least three years, so don’t be worried if you don’t get it during your first attempt because you can get it later.

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2. Cars4Christmas

Cars4Christmas and Cars4Heroes are run by the same people. However, Cars4Christmas offers basic and free transportation to everybody, not just first responders and military veterans. They cater for people whose lives have been affected by death, disability, illness, tragedy or natural disasters.

More than 20,000 send applications each year, and the organization donates up to 20 cars. Although there are low chances of getting a car for yourself through the organization, you can still try your luck. Depending on your story, you may be connected to a private donor who was drawn to your case or can get be connected to another organization that is willing to provide you with a car.

3. 800-Charity Cars

1-800-Charity is an organization that provides people in need with free cars through FreeCharityCars. The first organization accepts cars which are donated and they also raise money that is used to help provide free cars to those who need them while the second organization allows people who are in need of cars to apply for one.

Currently FreeCharityCars has received an overwhelming number of applications and are no longer taking any more applications. However, you can keep checking their website from time to time to see whether the application process is open. 1-800-Charities provide free towing services and ensure that all the donations are used to help people. The organization resells cars that don’t work or ensures that they are repaired and are donated.

4. org

Online Car Donation is the other charity that’s a member of network that gives people in need free cars. The cater to:

  • People with disabilities
  • Families that are trying to support themselves again (stop getting assistance from the government)
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Homeless people who live in shelters
  • Veterans and military families
  • Non-profit organizations

The application process requires people to give basic biographical details and also describe what they need. Once you submit the application, the stuff will review it and assist you depending on the kind of inventory they have.

If you qualify to receive a free car, the organization will contact you within thirty days. In case they don’t contact you, they ask people to reapply.

5. com

Online Car Donation is an organization that works to provide people and families in need with as many free cars as possible. If you’re looking for a reliable used car, this is the right place to get one. They also try to provide people with vans and trucks, and they sometimes give out modified vehicles to people with special needs.

If you want to apply for a free car with the organization, you’ll need to complete all the questions on the application form so that they’ll be able to know what you need. If you qualify, they’ll contact you within 30 days after submitting your application. If the organization doesn’t get back to you, they encourage people to reapply instead of calling their offices.

6. Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change is an organization (charity) that works with social service agencies to provide assistance to people who are trying to get back on their feet. They provide them with vehicles so that they can move around easily when looking for job opportunities.

If you’d like to apply for a car with them, you’ll need to fill out an application form since the organization has a long list of requirements. They include:

  • Your driving record shouldn’t have any DUIs or DWIs
  • Have a potential job offer that can be verified or work a minimum of 30 hours each week
  • You’re able to pay for the tax, title and tag fees
  • Have a valid driving license belonging to the state you currently live in
  • Can afford the costs that are associated with owning a car (fuel, insurance, repairs, etc.)

The organization also has a car award program for people who are members of the job readiness and job readiness agencies they partner with. The program enables people from low-income families to have cars as well as guarantees loans with low-interest. However, you won’t be able to apply for this program by yourself, your cooperate agency or caseworker must apply for you.

If you’re in the U.S. the organization partners with some states (Virginia, Maryland and Michigan), so make sure that you check out the links provided on their Vehicles for Change website. They outline several additional options which will help you find a cheap or free car from those locations.

7. Good News Garage

Another option that is location-specific where you can get free cars from is Good News Garage. They work with people in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you’d like to join their Wheels to Work program (which is state-funded), you’ll have to check with either of the state’s criteria and confirm whether you qualify.

They also have a JumpStart program that gives people “donated, refurbished cars to working individuals who are qualified at a cheap, subsidized cost.” The program was created to assist people who aren’t eligible for Wheels to Work. Unfortunately, they aren’t accepting any new applications at the moment, but you can keep checking their website and see when the application process is open.

In addition, JumpStart offers an “Other Transportation Resources” page, where you can get links for other organization that will assist you to get affordable or free transportation opportunities.

8. Working Cars for Working Families

Working Cars for Working Families is an organization managed by the National Consumer Law Center ensuring that working families “can access, use and keep a reliable car at favorable terms.” They work alongside several other organizations to improve data collection, public policy and promote nonprofits that cater to needy families by giving them transportation.

They use a searchable database to look for program around your location which are able to provide people with low-cost or free vehicles. You’ll have to go through the requirements of every program so that you can find the one you qualify for and what the application process comprises of.

Other Methods of Getting a Free Car

If you don’t qualify any of the charities listed above, you’ll need to become a bit creative in hoe you’ll get a car for yourself. The following options require you to leave your comfort zone and seek assistance from those close to you or other people within your community.

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9. Contact Your Local Church

Most local churches include a line item in their benevolence budget and you could be lucky to get a free car from them. Churches assist different people whether the roof of your house caved in, your home flooded, your car doesn’t work anymore or you’re down on luck in life.

This is the best option for people who have been active members of the church before they were affected by a certain calamity. If you’re also looking for food, free clothes or other utilities, you can get them from your local church.

10. Request a Donation from a Local Dealer

Some local dealerships donate cars to people in need and you can also benefit by trading in an older model that they think can be sold off. If you’re having a hard time with transportation, you can explain your circumstances by writing a letter to the management of your local dealership.

The perfect time to do this is at the end of the year when the holidays are there and people are being charitable. You can get assistance from your local dealership especially if you’re ready to share your story with the world.

11. Look for a Job Where You’ll Be Provided with a Car

While you may need to do thorough research, some jobs provide their employees with a car, and there are those that allow employees to use them for personal reasons. Such jobs include delivery or truck drivers, service technicians, cable and utility workers and in-the-field social workers.

If you’re lucky to get such a job, don’t forget to confirm with your employer if they allow people to use the vehicle for their personal use. Check whether you can use the car outside the state, who is in charge of gas, routine maintenance and tolls and if you can carry other passengers.

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12. Ask for Assistance from Your Family and Friends

If you haven’t managed to get a free car from social service agencies or charities, consider asking for assistance from your family or friends. Although it can be a lot to ask someone for a free car, they can agree to loan you a car or even sell you one at an affordable price.

If you’re good with your hands, you can offer to fix up their old car in exchange for buying it at a reduced price.

13. Check Craigslist

People usually try to sell their broken-down or old cars on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Most times the process doesn’t work or is not worth selling the car to a dealer, but they can benefit from selling it to someone privately. If you’re handy with cars or know somebody that can help you with it, this is a great way to purchase a cheap used vehicle or ger one for free.

If the vehicle cannot be salvaged, you can sell it as scrap metal or spare parts and use the money to get you another car. Just ensure that you’re making more money from the venture than what you’ll use eventually.

14. Check Goodwill

Most people think Goodwill only deals with used baby items, books or clothes. However, they also receive car donations. You can check with your local Goodwill for any available donations or their car auction inventory.

The online auction enables people from different parts of the country to buy a car from Goodwill. However, you’ll need to organize for the car’s transportation after the purchase because they don’t transport or ship cars to people.

15. Start a GoFundMe

Another option where you can get a free car or purchase one at a cheap price is through GoFundMe. If you don’t mind sharing your story of how you found yourself in hard times with the public. Don’t forget to emphasize that you need a free car or buying one at a low price will be great for a fresh beginning. Be honest about how the car will impact your life, but don’t over do it. It would be wrong to take advantage of people’s kindness.

You can also visit sites such as where you can post requests for grants and donations. Before you submit your application, don’t forget to go through the eligibility requirements.

Your Financial Situation Can be Changed by A Free Used Car

If you’re facing some financial difficulties, you can at times feel as if you’re stuck in the same cycle. Especially if you can’t afford to purchase a car and the car is necessary for helping you to get to work. You’ll be stuck in a loop.

Looking for a free or cheap car can be a great solution to this. With a little hard work and research, you’ll be able to get a free car which will help you change your financial situation as well as break the cycle. Since you’ll be able to get to different locations, you can apply for those jobs that seemed to be impossible to get to without a car.

Note that a free car isn’t really free. You may need to service the car, refurbish or fix it. Make sure that you have some money for essential things such as proper registration, routine car maintenance, car insurance and finally, money for tolls and gas. You don’t want to get a car when you don’t have the means that will keep it running.

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