How to Get Free Diapers for Your Baby

How to Get Free Diapers for Your Baby

If you didn’t know, there are different ways for getting free diapers. Parents don’t need to be stressed over expenses which are meant to help keep their babies healthy and clean. Therefore, saving some money on some things and getting free diapers is a great way to help your family out.

Most new parents can confirm that babies use a lot of diapers in just a short time. The number of diapers you can use in one day is staggering. This is the case with all new born babies.

Although you may feel like you baby is special and cute, their butt isn’t. The average baby uses up to 7,000 diapers before they become potty trained. A diaper costs at least $0.20, meaning that you’ll end up using almost $1,400. Although you can get walkers and onesies hand me downs from other parents, disposable diapers are things that can’t be reused.

Parents shouldn’t stress themselves about the cost of items they will use to keep their baby healthy and clean. You can save some money by looking for free diapers, even if you only manage to find a few pieces, they’ll be of great help to your family.

How to Find Free Diapers for Your Baby

There are different ways of getting free baby products to use, even diapers, and you don’t really need to through a hard time. If you like a certain brand, stick with it and find ways for getting more value from their products.

1. Request for Free Diapers or Diapers by Mail

Most pregnant women sign up for different newsletters and registries meant for expectant mothers. This way, you’ll start receiving free samples of formular and diapers in the mail once every few weeks until you give birth.

Different baby brands spend so much money on advertising to new mothers with the aim of converting them to loyal customers. If you don’t manage to get free diaper samples via mail, you’ll still be able to get coupons from social media, websites or by sending them an email.

2. Order Free Trials of Baby Diaper Samples

Pampers offers mothers with free samples and in return, you’ll have to review some of their products on P&G Everyday or a third-party site known as BzzAgent. Sign up on BzzAgent and connect all your social media sites to the account. If you get selected, you’ll start receiving free baby products from P&G.

3. Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Brands normally have different loyalty programs where they reward their customers with free samples on baby items after they buy and share on social media about their products. If you have a preferred diaper company, you’ll benefit for being a loyal customer and joining their rewards programs.


If your brand of choice is Pampers, you can join the Pampers Rewards program where you can get points for all the purchases you make of wipes and diapers. Once you sign up and log into the Pampers Club mobile app, you’ll automatically be rewarded with 100 points, you’ll get 50 points during your first scan as well as points ranging between 5 to 240 for every package you purchase. However, this is determined by the quantity and size of what you’re purchasing.

You don’t have to scan your receipt because you’ll find you Pampers Rewards code inside every box, meaning you’ll get point even if the diapers were a gift. As long as the package contains the code, you’ll still earn your points. You don’t have to make a purchase.

You won’t be rewarded with diapers but every 5,000 points can be redeemed for a $25 gift card to Amazon, Walmart or buybuyBABY. The gift card can be used to get a box of Pampers Swaddles from any of these stores.


If you’re a member of the Huggies Rewards program, you’ll win free Huggies diapers (jumbo pack) of any size you need after earning 4,000 points. When you sign up for the program, you’re awarded 500 points and from there you’ll be getting 10 points each time you purchase Huggies diapers and wipes.

You’ll also be awarded points for taking surveys, linking some of your loyalty cards, referring friends and reading articles. You can get all these by downloading the Huggies Reward app, going to your account and taking a photo of your receipt whenever you buy Huggies wipes and diapers.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation established a program known as Generation Good, a free online community where parents who are looking to raise their children in a healthy environment meet. Members of the program are given special offers and will be able to take part in different activities where they’ll earn free diapers as well as other products from Seventh Generation.

You’ll earn points which can be used for free products by taking part in different activities like sharing their products on social media, taking surveys and participating in discussions.

4. Include Diapers on Your Registry

Adding diapers to your baby registry is one of the best ways to ensure that you receive free diapers during your baby shower. This isn’t the only reason for adding diapers to your registry.

For example, if you have a baby registry on Amazon, you’ll be given a completion discount of 10% (Prime members are given 15%) so that you can finish buying other items on the registry. The discount can only be used on two orders 60 days before and after the arrival of your baby.

You’ll get a 15% discount on your Target baby registry 8 weeks before you give birth which you can use once online and once in-store. The coupon can be used 6 months before or after your due date. Target also has in-store promotions where they offer free gift cards when someone purchases a certain number of baby items or products from particular brands. The offers vary from time to time so you have to check what promotions are available.

If you started a registry at buybuyBABY, they offer members a 15% coupon which is sent to your mail a couple of weeks before you give birth.

5. Find Out from Your Doctor’s Office or Local Hospital

If you’re baby is delivered at the hospital, you’ll be given a pack of free diapers as send off gift by the nurses. Pediatricians also give diapers samples from major brands, so don’t forget top ask for some when you go for your well-baby checkups.

6. Register for Amazon Family

If you’re a Prime member you can register for Amazon Family so that you can be rewarded with family-oriented offer, coupons as well as age-based recommendations.

Prime members who have also registered on Amazon Family are given a 20% discount on diaper subscriptions and a completion discount of 15% on all items on their Amazon baby registry.

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7. Take Part in Diaper Swaps

If you have any small diapers that your baby can no longer use, you can participate in diapers swaps with other parents so that you can get the right sizes from other people. Some of the places you can get swaps are in church groups, mom groups on Facebook or from local doulas.

If there aren’t any swaps in your area, unopened diaper packs can always be returned to stores, where they can be exchanged for the right sizes.

8. Try Using Cloth Diapers

Parents are now using cloth diapers because they are chlorine-free, non-toxic and are a cheaper long-lasting diapering alternative for babies. Although this option costs more at first, it will help you save the initial cost you would spend on disposable diapers. If you use the same cloth diapers on another baby, you’ll be saving a lot of money from your diaper budget.

You can get free cloth diapers from mom groups on Facebook, your friends or by sewing some for yourself with free patterns and different materials you have in your house.

Companies that manufacture cloth diaper offer sales and discounts on social media, so you can apply for newsletters from your favorite brand or go to natural parenting expos. You can also look for cloth diapers on Facebook Marketplace, breastfeeding and mom groups and pop-up sales or consignment stores.

Another to save money on cloth diapers is by joining a diaper co-op. A diaper co-op comprises of a group of parents who order for cloth diapers at once so that they purchase them using bulk-quantity prices. When you want to join a diaper co-op, make sure that the brand the group is buying from accepts transactions from co-ops. You don’t want to take part in an illegal co-op transaction which might end up voiding your warranty.

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9. Combine Sales and Coupons

If you’re familiar with how couponing works, you’ll be able to save enough money on diapers without difficulty. Combining coupons, you get from your local store with those from manufacturers or sales, will help you get cheap or even free diapers for your baby.

Sign up newsletters from your favorite diaper brands or look for coupons from the best websites so that you can get different types of coupons from manufacturers. Check the newspaper, store flyers or your mail for coupons.

10. Scan Online Marketplaces

Babies grow up very quickly! They can easily grow out of a diaper size before a box that was opened recently is finished. This leaves moms with boxes of unused diapers and most times they are left with no option than to sell them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or the Nextdoor app.

Make sure you sell the number of diapers remaining at a cheaper price than what someone would buy them at the store. Also don’t forget to look for bigger diapers from your local Buy Nothing group because you can use them in future.

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How to Get Free Diapers for Low-Income Families

If you can’t afford to buy diapers for your baby, you can look for some from a local or national services that cater for this.

11. National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network provide low-income families with free basic items and diapers. You can reach them by visiting or calling 2-1-1 so that you can locate a free diaper bank within your location. However, you’ll first need to confirm whether you qualify for the organization’s free diaper program.

12. Cuddle Me Program

If you’re looking for free diapers for your baby, the Cuddle Me Diaper Program gives free diapers and wipes to low-income families. Cuddle Me diaper banks can be found in Maryland, Florida, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York and Tennessee.

13. Share The Love

The Share The Love Program was created by Cotton Babies Love and they provide low-income families with a set of free cloth diapers especially if they rely on government assistance. Although the diapers are free, the families are required to give them back once they finish using them.

14. Local Churches, Pregnancy Centers & Shelters

Pregnancy centers and women’s shelters always have free diapers and wipes that they give to low-income families. If you’re looking for one within your location, just visit a local church or any other religious establishment so that they can help you find one.

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