Ways to Get Free Magazines Online

Ways to Get Free Magazines Online

Digital content is the most relevant and currently used means of getting news. However, articles and photographs in magazines are a lot more creative and indulgent. The great thing about buying magazines is that you don’t have to break your bank to be able to afford a subscription. There are several sources where you can get free magazines from.

Since the invention of tablet and smartphones, its now easier for one to surf websites, read books and also be up to date with current news. But, does the same apply to magazines? How relevant are they are they in the modern world given that most content used nowadays is digital?

A survey conducted by Mequoda found that at least two-thirds of people in America still buy magazines. Actually, 70% of the adults they surveyed had read one magazine print within the last thirty days when it was conducted. More than half the number of people in the survey had read more than two different magazine prints within that month.

Although digital information is relevant and currently being used, magazine content and photos are more creative and indulgent. For example, a great fashion editorial or an exciting bridal spread. Those glossy pages and vibrant colors used on magazines are what help in making people with their continued love for magazines.

Luckily, a magazine subscription doesn’t cost a lot of money. There are a couple of sources where you can get free magazines from.

7 Ways to Get Free Magazines Delivered in the Mail

While its unbelievable, there are several cheap or free magazines which are delivered through mail per month. Free magazines can also be found is various local spots such as the library or the doctor’s office. Thanks to BOGOF offers, discount magazine sites and reward point, you don’t have to buy your magazines.

1. ValueMags

You can purchase different discount magazines from ValueMags, plus you’ll also be able to get reward points which may be redeemed for free magazines. The loyalty program by MagsPoint grants points to people after visiting ValueMags, taking part in partner competitions and participating in paid surveys. When you have enough points, they can be redeemed for magazines.

Apart from reward subscriptions, ValueMags also has free print and online subscriptions on a couple of magazines like Outdoor Life, People, etc. You can get these subscriptions by creating an account at the ValuMags website.

Incase you’re eyeing a particular paid subscription, go to Rakuten so that you can get a ValueMags 20% cashback as well as other offers on Marie Claire, Time, ESPN Magazine and many other print magazines.

2. RecycleBank

The mission behind RecycleBank is to aim for waste-free communities. The company offers rewards to people who recycle things at home. But the points can only be earned if the recycling service your community uses is partners with Recyclebank. Other points awarded are from taking part in classes provided by RecycleBank which educate people on how to live a more sustainable life or by participating in daily survey questions.

Once you have enough points, they can be traded in for magazine subscriptions. RecycleBank provides several prize subscriptions on magazines such as Cosmo, Country Living, Backpacker and may others. Don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions attach to every reward because there are those that expire.

3. Mercury Magazines

Are you looking for the best way to improve your professional life? Then Mercury Magazine will help you with that as they have completely free subscriptions for magazines. To join, you’ll be required to answer a form providing information about yourself as well as your professional life. You’ll then be given a list of business magazines which are suitable for your situation.

Mercury Magazines has a couple of listed publications that earn money through selling advertisements. Since most advertisers normally target a certain group of people, you have to be part of a targeted magazine group so that you can qualify for the free subscriptions.

Your first free magazine will be shipped to you via mail within 10 to 12 weeks after you’ve completed the survey from Mercury Magazine.

4. Freebizmag

Freebizmag has gathered a good number of business resources such as free trade magazines and free business magazines. Look for special deals at Freebizmags in order to get free subscription rewards on magazines such as Tennis Magazine and Boating World.

The source of information used include white papers, free eBooks and many others. You’ll be able to browse for topics which are related to the work you do. A lot of information is covered on Freebizmag ranging from IT to agriculture.

5. Gift Subscriptions

Do you find yourself with a lot of birthday gifts to buy for upcoming celebrations? You can get a subscription for your family and friends and if you’re lucky, you’ll also get a free magazine subscription. The free offer might cover one magazine or a magazine that is published by the same company. Both are great deals.

6. Coupons

Magazine subscriptions often come with coupons. Check out bloggers’ accounts on social media and coupon websites. You can also look at magazine publisher sites and confirm whether they are giving discount vouchers for magazines. Don’t forget to look out for holiday deals and coupons.

If you’re a first-time coupon user, you can learn how to begin couponing without difficulty, so don’t shy away from them and discover the type of magazines that are available.

Other Sources for Free Magazines

Getting a couple of free magazines in your mail box can be fun, but it’s only one of the ways that you can get free subscriptions.

7. CapitalOne Shopping

CapitalOne Shopping gives its subscribers prizes for buying goods at their favorite online stores. The offers they give are featured on websites such as Magazine Store and Magazine.com. Offers can also be found in bookstores that magazines are sold in. Look for rewards and low prices placed on titles such as Food Network and National Geographic.

You can start by registering for CapitalOne Shopping and checking out their magazine for the kind of offers they have. Points can be earned just by buying subscription for magazines which can later be redeemed as gift cards.

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8. Groupon

Groupon offers vary from time to time, so be sure to check out the site before you decide to subscribe to a certain magazine. The rewards attached to Groupon subscriptions are at least 75% and more, so make sure you check them out. This is one of the ways for you to get some great discount subscriptions for magazines like Men’s Health, Wired and National Geographic.

For your subscription to be active, you’ll be required to buy a Groupon voucher and then go to the magazine’s website so that you can redeem it and your subscription is activated. Note that Groupon offers have expiry dates, so grab those offers as soon as possible.

9. Google Books

Google Books is used for free online digital magazines. All you need to do is go to Google Books and look for the magazines. When you’re on the site, look for the specific publication you’re interested in. However, there are very few popular sections, but if your only interested in a niche topic, you’ll be able to get the right magazine.

10. Flipster

Flipster is an app where people can read magazine by using their library cards on the library subscriptions. The first step is to download the app and you’ll be able to read magazines for free. The app is a free way for people to read magazines without having to visit the library.

If your library doesn’t have Flipster, it may have another app that allows you to read magazines too. For more information, you can visit the library’s website or find out from the librarian.

11. Waiting Rooms

The best way to pass time in the waiting room as you’re waiting for an appointment it to read magazines. If you find an interesting magazine in a waiting room, you can find out from the staff if you can have it. The only thing that can stop you is if they say no. They may have several copies of the same magazine and won’t mind giving you one of them for free.

12. Freecycle

Freecycle is a combination of more than 5,000 from all parts of the world, which brings people with things to give away together and are looking for certain items for free. Every group is governed by a set of rules and they manage each group with the help of volunteer moderators. Visit Freecycle’s site and look for a group around your area. When you get one, search for listings that are offering free magazines.

You’ll also be able to see “wanted” requests from groups looking for members who are looking to give away some old magazines. There are people looking to give away their old stack of magazines and get new magazines for their new home.

13. Amazon

If you already have a membership with Amazon Prime, there are numerous discount subscriptions attached to popular magazines. Amazon also provides their subscribers with a 30-day free access to a couple of popular including Shape, Cosmo and Wired. You’ll be able to read as many magazines as you want in one month. Don’t forget to cancel before the 30 days are over because you’ll be required to pay for a subscription after that.

There are also affordable magazine subscriptions on Amazon for Prime members. If you opt for the Kindle version, you’ll also be able to subscribe to magazines at very great discounts. You’ll pay more for print subscriptions, but as an Amazon Prime member you’re still eligible for print discount magazines.

In short, if your subscription is for the print version, you’ll also be able to access the magazine’s Kindle version.

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14. Magazine Websites

Most magazines such as Rolling Stones and People have a lot of published content on their websites. If you want access to free content, then this could be the most suitable way to get some. Such sites also provide their subscribers with the best deals for both digital and print versions of a magazine.

15. Your Local Library

Local libraries often have subscriptions to a wide selection of magazines. If you normally don’t save copies of the magazines you like, you can get them from your local library. If you like having copies of your favorite magazines at home, inquire from the librarian if you can have some of the older issues. They might be open to selling some copies for you at a cheap price or even for free.

16. Find a BOGO Deal

Some magazines such as Real Simple have offers like Buy One, Give One. You can get a new subscription or renew an old one and even send another subscription to someone at no cost. If you and your loved ones would like to subscribe to the same magazine, you can split the subscription money. This way, you’re getting a 50% discount.

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You Don’t Need an Expensive Reading Habit

If you can gather a couple of free magazines, you’ll have a lot of content to read. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But what does one do with all those magazines after they’re done reading them? You definitely wouldn’t want to be left with a huge stuck of magazines lying around.

You can always get creative opposed to throwing out or recycling them. There’s the option of giving them a relative or friend who would like to read them. You can also donate them to a retirement home, a shelter or even to a prison (just confirm the kind of donation rules the prison has). However, there are some places that don’t take donated magazines, so don’t forget to ask.

Old magazines can be used to accomplish personal creative pursuits. You can cut out recipes from old magazines and create a personalized book full of those recipes you like. You can use some photos to create home improvement ideas or a vision board for future projects. The best thing is if you don’t have any creative projects to do you can always opt to recycle the magazine.

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