50 Freelance Job Websites for Working Remotely

50 Freelance Job Websites for Working Remotely

Almost everybody is looking for a part time gig which they can do remotely and earn them some extra cash. There are numerous websites that have promising opportunities that can help you increase your monthly earnings. However, how does someone find the right freelance jobs and side hustles that will be worth their time? This article outlines some of the best freelance job websites available out there. Hope you find one that will fulfill your requirements.

Doesn’t working as a freelancer sound remarkable? Freelance workers have the ability to set their prices, job locations and working hours. They can decide to work from home, while on vacation or even at the beach.

However, freelance jobs aren’t meant for everybody, but they definitely have a couple of undeniable perks. In regards to income, you might even discover that being a freelancer pays a lot of money in than what you’d earn in a regular entry-level job opportunity.

If you’re determined, hardworking and don’t mind working for multiple clients and are disciplined enough to meet deadlines, then being a freelancer can be a great fit for you.

What Does It Mean to be a Freelancer?

Being a freelancer means that you’ll be working on a flexible schedule for multiple corporations instead of one company at preset hours. Working as a freelancer can either be a full-time or part-time gig. It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you like your current job or enjoy going to the office, then you can work as a freelancer in order to earn some extra money during your free time. However, if you’re looking for a gig that can replace your current employment or you just to have more control of your schedule and time, then the freelance line is meant for you.

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Top 5 Freelancing Websites

If you’ve just began working as a freelancer, it may be difficult for you to know the types of jobs that are suitable for your skills. Even a first timer can get lucrative online gigs and jobs as work from home opportunities. If you don’t know where to start from, the following are some of the best freelance job websites that you can check out.

Note that you may have to use some money to get quality jobs, but they’ll be worth your while because you’ll be getting reliable freelance jobs within your area of expertise.

1. FlexJobs

If you’re looking for a trustworthy website with freelance opportunities, FlexJobs has a wide range of jobs from every niche. While you’ll be need to pay a small membership fee each month to get jobs, you’ll be protected from any scammers. Every listing posted on the site is examined before it’s allowed on FlexJobs, saving you a lot of time to confirm jobs. You can get more information in this FlexJobs Review.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is another site that has numerous job opportunities that you can use to launch your career remotely. The doesn’t charge a membership fee before you can see posted jobs and the best part is that you can apply up to eight jobs every month. However, if you want to apply for more than eight jobs, you can sign up for the site’s paid membership. Also, Freelancer takes a $5 or 10% fee for every project you finish.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a website that connects freelance workers with countless job opportunities from different niches. From customer service to interior design to photography, there are no limitations to the kinds of jobs available on Upwork. Similar to most freelance job website, Upwork also chargers its users a membership fee. You’ll be required to pay about 20% of what you earn to the company for all the jobs you complete.

4. SolidGigs

SolidGigs has a unique method for linking freelance workers with different clients. for a membership fee of $19 per month, you won’t need to search for job opportunities from different sites hoping to land a great gig because SolidGigs sends available job listings to their members emails. If you manage to make up to $500 from the jobs you get, it’s 4% less than what you’ll be paying as membership fees.

SolidGigs charges a $2 fee to all their new members so that they are able to test run the site and see if it’s worth it. If you don’t like how the site operates, you can cancel your membership before you’re required to pay the monthly $19 fee.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelance job website that won’t disappoint you in terms of getting freelance gigs. Fiverr doesn’t charge a membership fee and you’ll be able to search for different job opportunities available. You can find a couple of great ideas and even set up your own pricing and services around other competing websites.

Fiver is a little different compared to other freelance websites. You’ll need to open up a page known as a “gig” where clients will find you instead of apply and bidding for different job opportunities. You’ll also be able to set your price or give several price points depending on the kind of services you’re offering. Fiverr takes 20% of what you earn from jobs for using the website.

50 Job-Specific Freelance Website

Hearing about different types of freelancing prospects is one thing, while knowing the exact places where you can find the right freelance jobs is another. Here is a list of some freelance job websites where you can explore and look for the kind of work opportunities which will suite your expertise.


Pay: $50 to $500 or more per article

From online reviews to in-depth articles to short blog posts, there are countless job opportunities for freelance writers. Since you can find a lot of content from the internet, there’s a wider selection available for freelance writers to select from. Freelance writing jobs vary from writing about parenting, DIY and crafting, self-care, personal finance and much more.

Although you need some prior knowledge and skills to be a freelance writer, you can still become one without any previous experience. If you’ve written some opinion polls on social media, papers in school or have taken various online writing courses or detailed responses on forums, then you can definitely try your hand in freelance writing.

If you really want to become a freelance writer, the first step is to create an online portfolio. This is similar to a resume that you’ll send to all potential clients. It should include writing samples from either a personal blog with the stories that you wrote personally or other written content that you’ve published online. One of the best ways to impress new clients and showcase your writing skills is by starting a blog.

Where You Can Get Freelance Writing Jobs From


Pay: $10 to $45 per hour

A freelance proofreader’s job includes spending time reading and correcting content given to you from court documents to new book drafts.

Luckily, you’re not expected to have a degree in English so that you can get high-paying proofreading jobs. However, you’ll be required to prove your skills as well as work towards making your grammar and spelling perfect. A successful proofreader needs to have attention to detail and a strong understanding of the English language.

Caitlin Pyle, a professional freelance proofreader was earning at least $43,000 yearly when she first began working in the fields while proofreading from home during her free time. She chose to settle on a particular niche, proofreading documents for court reporters and she currently teaches other people how they can do the same.

Caitlin has a free video training that’s available to everyone who’s interested in proofreading as a career or side gig. The training comprises of five signs showing people whether proofreading is the right fit for them and how they can start to book clients at once.

Where You Can Get Freelance Proofreading Jobs


Pay: $14 to $22 or more hourly

Whether you’re a math whiz or are great English speaker who likes assisting students finish their homework assignments and study, you can always find a freelance tutoring job that’s suitable for your skills. There are different topics which scholars require tutors for and it can also be in other fields other than academics.

Although academic tutoring is one of the easiest fields to get a job in, there are also other options. Market and showcase your skills everywhere and provide tutoring in horseback riding, couponing or several other areas that you enjoy teaching.

The great thing about finding freelance tutoring jobs is that they are available both in your local area and online. If you don’t want to spend most of your time working on a computer, then look for tutoring appointments locally so that you can go out and meet with new people. The most important requirement a tutor needs is to have enough knowledge about the subject and be able to teach other people so that they’ll understand.

Where You Can Get Freelance Tutoring Jobs

Virtual Assistant

Pay: $19 to $25 hourly

One of the most flexible online freelance jobs is working as a virtual assistant (VA). Nearly any assistance that is being offered remotely to a business on an hourly basis or on per piece is considered to be a virtual assistant.

Although not all businesses hire a VA to perform daily tasks, it doesn’t mean that there’s no demand for online assistance. From scheduling client meetings to managing social media pages to managing updates on a business’ website, there are numerous services that can be provided.

Don’t get discouraged if you can only provide expertise in one or two areas. You can easily get clients or virtual assistant companies who are in need of your skills online. There’s a wide range of services which you can offer, but your VA business only requires one or two of them to get going.

In 2014, Gina Horkey launched her virtual assistant business successfully. In addition to her regular job (which was full-time), she was making more than $4,000 each month in less than six months. If this inspires you to try out this type of freelance job, check out this list with over 150 virtual assistant services you can provide.

Where You Can Get Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs


Pay: $0 to 30+ hourly

Gaming is one of the freelance jobs that needs some time to build before you start earning an income from. If you’re new in the gaming niche as a money making venture, you might discover that the ramp-up is worth the while. However, if you enjoy gaming during your free time, it can be a perfect way to use your talents and build an income.

Professional gamers need items like a gaming PC that’s fast or the newest gaming console. For high-quality sound, you’ll need a headset that has a great microphone.

When you have all the right gaming equipment, you can proceed to start streaming games on Twitch, YouTube or even create a blog where you can give tips for your favorite games or review different gaming equipment.

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Where You Can Get Freelance Gaming Jobs


Pay: $10 to $36 hourly

Transcription involves listening to audio files and translating them in writing. Some of the most popular forms of files include medical appointments, podcasts, news interviews, conference calls, etc. Although there are a couple of online tools that can be used to transcribe audio to text, they cannot be as precise as a real person.

Transcribing jobs definitely have a learning curve, but the most important requirements include quick typing and great listening skills. While there are a couple of tools that can be used to assist with spelling during the process, it’s still important that you have perfect understanding of the language you’re transcribing. For instance, you need excellent spelling and grammar skills.

Where You Can Get Freelance Transcribing Jobs

Data Entry

Pay: $10 to $17 hourly

Not everyone can handle a data entry job. However, if you can complete this easy tasks very fast and don’t mind doing the same thing over and over, then you can try out this freelance money-making venture.

The most important things required to start working in this field is a reliable internet connection, a computer and some basic skills. Some of the skills you’ll need are organization, attention to detail and fast typing. Make sure that you know how to operate Word, Excel, PowerPoint and every other Google equivalents (Docs, Sheets and Slides).

Be very cautious when looking for freelance data entry jobs because there are a lot of scams or companies that don’t pay enough money. Be hardworking on all the jobs you apply for, and also ensure that the company is legit.

Where You Can Get Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Graphic Design

Pay: $25 to $50 hourly

Most people who own websites don’t have the talent needed to make beautiful graphics. Actually, if your business can fail if the kind of image you’re trying to display and the kind of clients you’re trying to attract don’t match. This is why you need to hire a professional graphic designer.

Advertisements, Pinterest images and Printable are three of the most popular areas that can’t do without graphic designers. Although not all businesses employ the services of a freelance graphic designer, the field is still in high demand. A graphic designer should be able to use tools such as Cava, Photoshop as well as other programs. Also, before you can make beautiful designs, you need to have an artistic eye.

A degree isn’t a necessary for one to become a professional graphic designer. If you’re good at designing things but still don’t have all the skills required to start earning money from this industry, you can learn the skills need to satisfy your lack of knowledge without difficulty. For instance, you can register for a free course on Graphic Design Basics on Skillshare. This type of course will help you decide whether being a freelance graphic designer is the best fit for you.

Where You Can Get Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Website Design

Pay: $20 to $100 every hour

The work of a freelance website designer involves building or/and building websites for different clients. From simple blog design layouts to e-commerce clothing stores, there’s a wide range of job possibilities for a freelance website designer.

Before you can start working as a website designer, you’ll need several technical skills. While some sites that only need a drag-and-drop interface, you’ll still be required to have basic knowledge on web hosting and be able to navigate programs such as WordPress.

One of the best ways to begin working as a web designer is by designing your own website. You can use your personal website like an online portfolio that clients can refer to when they want to know the  kind of work you do and your style.

Where You Can Get Freelance Web Design Jobs


Pay: 15% to 45% of every copy of image you sell

Freelance photographers make money by taking pictures for families, prom-goers, weddings, graduating seniors and other special events. The best way to begin is by contacting your family members, friends and other people you know so that you can inform them about your services.

You can also earn some money through photography by selling the images you take as stock photos. You can look for job opportunities from sites such as Shutterstock that pay photographers  to take photos, tag the company using descriptive keywords so that other people can license them for both business and commercial use. In return, you’ll get a commission or receive credit for each license they sell. The more images you manage to post, the more money you’ll make.

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Where You Can Get Freelance Photography Jobs

Is Freelance Work Suitable for You?

Not everyone is meant to do freelance jobs. If you want to become a successful freelancer, you need to be able to meet deadlines, be hardworking and have self-discipline. If you don’t have any of these traits, you won’t be able to work independently.

However, if you want to become a freelancer so that you can quit your office job, you can then learn a skill that you can use to make an income. Look for a freelance gig that is suitable for you and try it out. If you succeed at the job, you can look for something else to add to your portfolio which will help you earn more money. Make sure you market and promote your work to your family and friends or even on social media. This can help you land one or two more clients.

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