Is Lucktastic Legit?

Is Lucktastic Legit?

If you’ve been at a gas station before then you must have seen the scratch-off tickets displayed next to the register.

These tickets are made of different colorful papers and they give people the chance of winning money ranging from a few hundreds to millions of dollars. Most people shy away from buying them after remembering that their chances of winning are just 1 to 5 million.

Picking numbers or scratching a couple of tickets in order to win some money sounds very exciting. Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to get what you spent back, and majority of the people who buy scratch-off cards don’t win anything worthwhile.

If you like playing the lottery but don’t like to keep losing your money, you can use the Lucktastic app to help you with that.

What Is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is an app found in Android and iPhone mobile phone and is completely free. The app can be used to enter contest and play scratch off cards digitally and win gift cards and some cash. It provides you with the thrill of gambling with minimal risks.

Users are able to win different amounts of instant cash, like $10,000 from scratch cards as well as sweepstakes. Lucktastic become very popular in January 2017 when a man won $1 million in Las Vegas after taking part in the Lucktastic sweepstakes. Since Lucktastic’s launch in 2014, over $3 million has been won by at least 1 million winners by playing scratch cards and other games.

Only citizens of the US are eligible to play. The Lucktastic app has several ads, which means that you’ll have to watch 30 seconds videos before you can play a game. These ads are what make the app free to play and download with the exception of in-app purchases.

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7 Ways of Using Lucktastic to Make Money

After downloading the app and giving your location, you can begin using Lucktastic to play games. If you’re looking to make some money with the app, note that there really aren’t any Lucktastic hacks that to help you do so. However, there are numerous fun activities to engage in that will have you going back to use the app.

1. Scratch Cards

With the app, you’ll be able to access a restricted number of scratch cards every day. The cards usually available to users until 4 a.m. EST when the company resets them, availing a new set of cards an hour later. Also available are bonus cards that can be accessed between one and five p.m. EST and past nin p.m. EST.

Playing is easy, you just need to choose a card, press continuously on your phone’s screen and swipe right to left so that the symbols can be revealed. You will then have to report earned cash, tokens or both (combined) depending on the card you have.

If the winnings from your cards isn’t enough, after playing scratch cards every day for 4 days consecutively, you’ll be given a day-to-day $5,000 card. When you play a total of 150 cards, you’ll be able to unlock a day-to-day $10,000. After liking Lucktastic on social media you’ll be eligible for a scratch card worth $25.

2. Contests

For an opportunity to win cash prizes, take part in contests or sweepstakes. The prizes vary from groceries (a month’s worth) to a chance of playing other games that will gain you up to $1 million dollars. You can make daily entries by using tokens and gain additional entries during daily rewards.

Lucktastic gives payouts for each contest that is won. If you win, you’ll get an email notification, and if you don’t reply within 48 hours the company will select another winner.

3. Daily Rewards

If you play consecutively for 4 days, you’ll be able to access the app’s Daily Rewards section. The rewards can be in form of contest entries, tokens etc. After playing for 5 days consecutively, you’ll be able to access Daily Reward’s, Mystery Rewards portion.

You’ll only be able to access Daily Rewards after playing every day. If you miss a single day of play, the Daily Rewards you’ve accumulated will be reset. Make sure you set a phone or calendar reminder so that you don’t forget to play every day.

4. Complete Offers

You can also earn tokens after downloading similar apps and taking surveys. Downloading these apps will make you eligible for bonuses which are much higher rewards in comparison to what can be won from scratch cards.

5. Lucktastic VIP Program

There’s a VIP program in which Lucktastic encourages its users to participate in. the program had 3 different tiers for rewards that can be gained from downloading partner apps and playing scratch cards. They include:

  • Bronze: Install one app and play 30 cards
  • Silver: Install three apps and play 50 cards
  • Gold: Install seven apps and play 200 cards

Every level provides users with different opportunities for contest entries and additional scratch cards. When you get to a specific level, you’ll be required to become an active participant in Lucktastic or risk to reduce your badge level.

6. Refer Friends

Lucktastic rewards you with 1,000 tokens as a referral bonus every time you recommend a friend and they use your referral code to play or download the app. You can share your code by clicking on the four-leaf clover located at the left corner at the top of the app. You can then click on “friends” and share the app info via SMS, Twitter, Facebook or email.

7. College Ambassador Program

Students can take part in the Collage Ambassador Program for a chance to win gift cards after referring friends and family to play Lucktastic. For every sixty referral you make, you’ll earn as much as $20 in form of gift cards.

Users are also awarded with Lucktastic swag package comprising of pens, stickers, apparel as well as other prizes.

Lucktastic Review FAQs

Playing on Lucktastic offers you the chance to winning money but it doesn’t really mean that will happen.

Prizes You Can Win on Lucktastic

Playing scratch-off cards provides you with the chance of winning prizes like tokens and instant money. Tokens are rewards in non-monetary form which can be redeemed for contest entries, magazine subscriptions and gift cards. Contests will gain you gift cards, cash, various prizes or the chance to play other games before you can win the grand prize.

In 2019, the reward of winning the contest was the chance to visit the company’s head office in New York to participate in games for the opportunity of winning $1 million dollars.

The minimum award was $2 and about 30,000 tokens that could be converted to a $5 Amazon gift card. The company’s website states that they offer gift cards from as many as thirty different major retailers and brands. Participants reported winning enough tokens that they could redeem for gift cards worth $100. They however said that they had to jump over hoops in order to redeem the rewards which weren’t readily accessible.

Reviewers from Lucktastic’s Instagram page and Reddit claim that they had to download other partner apps before they were able to redeem tokens. Some reviewers complained most of the gift cards offered were often not available. On Lucktastic’s Facebook page, the company states that they don’t “unlock” particular gift cards regardless of whether or not the participant has accumulated enough tokens worth redeeming until they “explore, download, install and participate in similar apps.”

Odds of Winning in Lucktastic

So, will you always be able to win on Lucktastic? The company doesn’t really offer the specifics but they say that one’s chances of winning is guaranteed by the number of other players participating. The app has over 15 million downloads, giving it a very big user base that you can use to estimate your odds. This means that you have a very slim chance of winning a million dollars.

The website’s “Winner’s” and blog page was last updated in 2017, and during that time, they reported at least forty million transactions. The company’s following on Instagram has increased with time, which probably means that there are many players and not enough gift cards.

Is Lucktastic Safe?

Although players earnings on Lucktastic cannot be predicted easily, doesn’t mean that the company is shady. There are no reports of safety or security breach and Luckstactic will not sell or give out user information to anybody. They gather personal details according to the federal and state reporting obligation storing them in a secure database.

The owners of Lucktastic, Jump Rump Games is a mobile gaming firm whose headquarters are in New York City.

The Better Business Board recently gave the company a D- rating because of the numerous problems they experience with advertising and the company’s failure to respond promptly to respond to customer complaints.

Similar Apps Like Lucktastic

There are numerous other apps similar to Lucktastic. Free casino slots games such as Winning Slots allow its users to win coins which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. Lucktastic has rating of 4.7 stars and more than 13,000 users on iOS. There are also lotter games by Publishers Clearing House that enable players to win real money.

Swagbucks provides users with games and different activities where they can win prizes regardless of the kind of game they are playing. The games and activities let you earn points which you can later redeem to get gift cards. The company’s website and app has reported ease and great history of redeeming tokens in to various gift cards.

You Can’t Become Rich by Playing Games in Lucktastic

Lucktastic has become popular within the last couple of years, but the kind of prizes they give hasn’t improved. There aren’t any current reports of people winning and method of knowing if there are any winners via their Instagram page.

Thanks to Lucktastic’s review, you can now tell that the app isn’t bad. The scratch-off cards provided come with complete themes, the app is designed properly and the anticipation that someone get every time they play a game is very exciting.

If you don’t want to be disappointed, download Lucktastic as a form of entertainment. In case you win a contest or cash out $2, it’s just icing on the cake-themed scratch cards.

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