Best Places for Paid Research Studies

Best Places for Paid Research Studies

Are you looking for a place that conducts testing for products and services, ranging from diet to sleep studies? Below is a list of some the best vetted places that you can participate in focus groups and get paid for it.

Local skin care companies host research study groups normally target college student of ages 20 to 25 for such studies. And since most college grad students need the extra cash, they don’t pass out on such opportunities. The company will then ask you various questions such as what skincare regimen are you currently using? What products do you use? And how do you feel about these products? Luckily, this may take close to an hour or less and then you’ll get paid and get a variety of product samples. This isn’t such a bad way to spend an hour, right?

If you’re looking to get paid after sharing some of your opinions, you’re in the right place. There are a lot of companies that conduct paid research studies. You may think that the only research studies conducted can only be done in person. However, there are also numerous online research studies that you can perform comfortably from home.

Websites for Paid Research Studies

There are numerous online based focus groups that pay people for their feedback and time through the use of websites. Every site sets their own payment structure and requirements, so ensure that you’ve explored all the offered options.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a well-known survey site which has been in business from 2005. The site pays people to take some surveys and give feedback on what they think and feel about various big brand that are looking to improve their services and products. After creating a profile and answering some questions about yourself, you’ll be matched with surveys that the site feels are relevant to you.

Every time you finish a survey, you automatically get virtual points that can be redeemed in form of online gift cards or PayPal money. Most of these surveys take about 5 to 20 minutes, after which you’ll earn at least $1 to $3 or 100 to 200 points for every survey. You will not be required to buy their products or sign up for any other sites.

2. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is a panel for surveys which partners with some big companies that are looking for opinions from their customers. If you want to join, you’ll be required to enter basic info like how old you are and where you’re from. You’ll then have to take a general survey about your household that requires you to give details regarding your lifestyle.

From there you’ll then be receiving invitations for surveys through your emails a couple of times a year. How many points you’re rewarded will depend on how long the survey is.

Short surveys often pay about 5 to 50 points, while the longer ones pay up to 5,000 points. One point in at least $0.01, and they can be cashed out using PayPal or even donated to a charity.

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3. Respondent

Respondent is a company that organizes paid survey studies which are conducted both online and in person. One can decide to sign up for surveys using their email address, or their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles via the website.

Once this is done, you’ll then be required to provide some simple personal information like your name, email address and birthday. You’ll also be asked to provide more demographic information such as your gender, educational background and ethnicity.

Once you finish signing up for the survey, you can start browsing for available projects and other details like how long it takes to complete one and the kind of pay you’ll receive. If you find a project that you’re interested in, you’ll be able to apply for it via a short questionnaire. If you qualify for the survey, you’ll then be contacted via email.

Most of the surveys are centered on technology and small businesses and the pay ranges from $50 to $85 through PayPal and you’ll only need to spare 45 minutes to one hour.

4. com first came into the limelight in 1998. It offers both face to face and online focus groups which are conducted through the phone or webcam. Once your profile is created, they’ll email you focus group and survey invitations.

Most of their focus groups and surveys are centered on finances, health and wellness, pet products and shopping habits.

You’ll then be paid between $75 and $150, depending on whether you participated in points of survey and focus groups. The money can be redeemed through a prepaid Visa debit card. 100 points can be cashed out at $1.00.

5. Plaza Research

Plaza Research is company that pays teens, kids, students, parents, business professionals and doctors for sharing their opinions about new services and products. They conduct surveys and several face-to-face focus groups within the country.

If you attend an in-person focus group, you’re likely to be asked to test out a new product, watch a commercial on TV, or discuss what you think about some future products. If you’d like to join a survey or focus group, you’ll have to fill out online forms. The forms require information about your education, employment, electronic use, pets, household, etc.

If you qualify for a focus group or survey, they’ll contact you via email. How much you earn depends on the survey’s scope and length. Most people who participate earn at least $50 to $200 for two hours, which is paid through checks.

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6. Mindswarms

You can use the Mindswarms app to create and online account and get paid after answering some questions using your webcam or smartphone.

After applying for surveys which appeal to you, you’ll then be required to answer a few more questions to ensure that you’re a perfect fit. if you qualify, you’ll answer more questions where you’ll be paid around $50. The payment will be transferred into your PayPal account within 24 hours. The money can also be redeemed as Amazon gift cards.

7. Fieldwork

Fieldwork has been facilitating research studies for the marketing world since 1980. They conduct in-person focus groups in at least eleven different cities within the US. If you don’t live in any of the cities, you can register for the company’s national database and conduct your survey through the phone or online.

You can register by answering an online questionnaire and then Fieldwork will get back to you via email or a phone call. Most of their in-person focus groups take about 1 or 2 hours to be completed. The topics are random, ranging from video games to cereal. The payment is normally a Visa gift card worth $75.

8. User Interviews

User Interviews are known for their in-person, video stream and phone focus groups which are centered on services, products and websites. In order to participate, you’ll have to create a profile providing details such as you gender, birthday, marital status, household income and education.

If there’s a project that you’re interested in, you’ll need to complete a short survey to confirm if you’re qualified. If you pass, you can proceed to sign up for their focus groups which pay at least $50 for one hour. The payment is conducted through checks.

9. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a branding firm which offers support to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that require their marketing expertise. For you to become the agency’s panel member, you’ll have to answer a short registration form online. If you’re qualified, they’ll notify you via email and you can then participate in the research study.

The payment you receive will depend on the type of survey taken, and people with a medical background are more likely to be given higher paying surveys. The company pays between $2 and $30 through PayPal or checks. Pharmacists, nurses, doctors as well as other healthcare professionals report that they are given a minimum of 4 surveys in one month.

10. Engage

Engage looks for respondents with experience regarding usability studies and marketing research. The company offers their panel members with both online discussions and face to face focus groups. Medical professionals can join the company’s healthcare panel while an everyday consumer can join a consumer panel.

You are required to give information about your education, income, job and marital status. Once this is done, you’ll be notified via email on the kind of study you qualify for. Most studies look at topics such as food products, medical conditions, cars, food products and electronics. The company normally pays from $50 to $200 via PayPal or check.

Universities that Conduct Paid Focus Groups

Universities and colleges also have paid focus groups. Most of them have year-round surveys that focus on human behavior and psychology. Although many of the studies are carried out online, there are some that require one to participate in person.

The surveys aren’t only meant for students and the payment is normally done in form of checks, gift cards or PayPal cash. If you’d like to participate is a paid college-run survey or focus group, check for some at colleges and universities near you. The school websites have detailed information about the kind of opportunities they offer.

  1. Purdue University (See studies)
  2. Center for Decision Sciences Colombia Business School (See studies)
  3. Northwestern University Department of Psychology (See studies)
  4. Harvard University Psychology Study Pool (See studies)
  5. MIT Behavioral Research Lab (See studies)

Jeff proctor, the co-founder of Millionable took part in a research study conducted at Virginia Tech for 6 weeks about high-fat diets. He was provided with $500 and meals during the study.

“The experience was great but it required a lot of involvement,” he said “I had to be present every day for weighing, select the meals I wanted and give urine and blood samples.”

How to Tell if a Focus Group Opportunity is Legit

Although most focus groups are legitimate, there are also many work-from-home scam that can be found out there. Be aware of survey that require you to pay so that you are able to participate or you’re asked for your credit card details or social security number. Don’t participate in such focus groups which force people to buy their products or services or in order to sign up on their website.

When you find a survey that you’re interested in, conduct some research about it to ensure that its valid. Check the survey’s rating and for any complains from the Better Business Bureau. This will help you avoid getting scammed especially if you’re excited about the focus group.

Legitimate companies don’t ask participant to pay before they participate in a survey or focus group. Moreover, there are privacy policies included on the websites for all to read. If you qualify for a specific focus group or survey, you’ll be contacted via the company’s business email account instead of a free service one from Yahoo or Gmail.

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