Of Goals and Sticking to the Plan

It’s been a couple of months since my last Amazon Challenge update. The truth is that I got stuck. Life gets in the way.

I recently read a post from one of the people I follow online about focus. And I totally relate to it. I have not been able to focus on majority of the projects I have because of spreading myself too thin.

Of late, I have been thinking whether I should solely focus on a single project till success of juggle them.  The allure of following multiple projects is always there. As an online entrepreneur, there is the temptation to own multiple web properties.

To be honest, online businesses are easier to manage and maintain. The major task with them is usually marketing and creating content. Sometimes, you need to let the marketing take off before you take the next steps.

For instance, if you are building backlinks to your online website, you may need to let the links sink in for a few weeks and see how your site performs before you move on to the next step. What will you be doing during the time that the site settles? Work on another venture.

And that is what I am doing.

However, I am also finding it difficult to keep up with the projects. For half of the day, I do freelance web design or writing for clients. These works are necessary for me at this time as they pay the bills.

For the remainder of the day, and during late nights and weekends, I work on my online ventures. But I usually get too tired or stuck with some processes here and there.  When I’m stuck, I don’t make any progress.

And this explains why I have close to 10 online venture, most of which have only have a domain name set up. With 2016 coming up and I reaching age 30, I feel I should be more focused and dedicated to my online ventures. I just don’t know how to go about them.

At this time, I am thinking I should evaluate all the projects I have, write down all the steps or activities needed for each and come up with a timeline for implementing them. For some projects, the bulk of the work is on creating the website while for others, it’s in marketing.

I need a plan to follow. A systematic goal/plan sheet with defined timelines and milestones that will help me progress faster.

And that is what I am doing right now. I am evaluating all my projects and coming up with plans on how to progress with them.

Watch out the blog for more posts.

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