TAC Day 9: Competition Evaluation (Con’t)

Welcome to the TAC Day 9 post.

You may be wondering why we are on Day 9 from Day 4. Where are the posts of the last 5 days?

We’ll there haven’t been any posts for the last 5 days. Truth is, the competition research is taking longer than I expected.

When doing the research, I had to take a new approach to the products I was targeting. For example, I had to research some of the products further because they were too wide.

Apart from this, I had to strike off some products from the keyword list because I realized they did not fit the criteria I was following.

Here’s what I mean:

For example, if one of the products I was targeting was “wine racks”, there are a lot of wine racks on Amazon. For instance, there are wooden wine racks, metal wine racks, bamboo wine racks and so on.

For such products, I had to drill down to find the profitable keywords.

These are the products that have made me take time with the product evaluation. At the moment, I have 12 potential products that I have to evaluate. I have already finished evaluating 9 of the products. So, three more to go.

Hopefully, I will be done with these three products tomorrow and move on to theĀ  next step.

What I have to point out is that this phase of competition research is easy but tiresome. If you have time, do it yourself.

If you want to save time, hire a virtual assistant to help you.

That’s it folks.

In other news, Happy 29th Birthday to me!

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