Transcription Jobs That Pay for Audio Typing to Text

Transcription Jobs That Pay for Audio Typing to Text

If you type quickly and are good at translating audio to written scrips within a short time, you can try working as a transcriptionist from the comfort of your home.

Transcriptionists are people who translate audio files into written texts for their clients. There are transcriptions jobs that require each single word to be written down, including the “uhs” and “umms” while there are those that only need the words that are basic. Some of the audio clips that can be transcribed include conferences, meetings, classes and monologues.

Transcription is generally an easy job to do, but every client may have you use a different format or need you to fulfill some special requests. For instance, one client might ask you to type out their audio file exactly as it’s voiced, while another one might need you to write it in bullet form.

If you’re working directly with a client, you’ll be lucky enough to set the rates you want, turnaround times as well as some other guidelines. A direct relationship will also provide you with enough flexibility that you can do the job from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, if you’re working for an agency, you’ll have to work according to the stipulations they set for you.

A few years ago, transcriptions jobs didn’t pay very well and most first-time transcribers found it hard to do the job. For example, transcribing an audio clip that’s 6 minutes long took more than half an hour. The process can be quite difficult at the beginning, but once you get the hang on the job, things become smoother.

Nowadays, everything is different. The tools used for transcription have improved, making the process easier so that the job can be completed faster. The voice-to-text programs that are being used are more user friendly. This will enable you to complete a transcription within a short time especially since you won’t be required to type out every single word in the file.

Who Can Work In Transcription?

Transcription is well suited for stay-at-home mons, college students or even high school kids with good listening and typing skills. Getting a job as a transcriptionist can be the perfect opportunity for you to earn money online either as a side hustle or a full-time gig.

You can choose to work for a transcription company or get the jobs directly from clients. Working for an agency means that you’ll earn less cash compared to working directly with a client. If you’re a first=time transcriber, you can build up your experience with an agency before you can go out on your own.

What You Have Know About Remote Transcription Jobs

One of the best things about working as a transcriber is that the jobs are done remotely, which allows you to work from home. A remote transcription job will enable you to earn some extra income at the side. You can also do the job as a full-time career from home.

There are 3 different transcriptions jobs that you can do from home: entry-level or generic, legal and medical.

If you just began transcription work and would like to become an experienced transcriber, the best option is to go for entry-level jobs. However, if you’re more experienced and would like to be more certified in the legal and medical transcription field, such jobs would be a great way for you to increase your earnings.

Transcription is the same as any other industry out there. A beginner might not be very lucky to come across high-paying transcription jobs, especially if they are working from home. However, once your client base grows, your earnings will also increase.

Most transcription agencies normally have “audio hour” pay rates. This isn’t similar to jobs that pay you per hour after clocking in and clocking out of the job. You’ll instead be paid according to a set rate for audios transcribed for every hour. Ensure that you’ve understood the pay rates provided by a company before taking a job. Transcribing may be a long process, especially at the beginning.

Most agencies assign their jobs based on how one performs after doing short audio snippets (clips that are 2 to 10 minutes long). Such companies will require you to transcribe and audio clip that’s one hour long before hiring you.

How to Become a Transcriptionist

You can join the transcription industry without difficulty. Most first-timers begin by taking online transcription course so that they can learn the necessary skills required to do the job.

Companies like Transcribe Anywhere, offer courses that teach people the basics of legal, medial and general transcription, and also how to get new clients.

You can get an online transcription job without difficulty.

1. FlexJobs

  • Pay: Depends on your experience needed, job and workload
  • Payment Method: Depends on employer
  • Payment Frequency: Depends on employer
  • Experience Required: Depends on employer

FlexJobs is a work board whose job opportunities are based around flexibility, online availability and working-from-home. There are wider range of transcription jobs on the site for both full-time and part-time positions. There are also filter opportunities by freelance, remote, full-time and part-time options.

The jobs provided can be companies based in the US or international organizations. There are cases that provide opportunities for people who are fluent in other languages. The downside of using FlexJobs is that you’ll be required to pay a membership fee which ranges from $14.95 per month to $49.95 per year. You can join the site for a week at a rate of $6.95 so that you can find jobs that suite your experience and needs.

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2. Fiverr

  • Pay: $30-$120+ per audio hour
  • Payment Method: Fiverr Revenue Card, PayPal or Direct Deposit
  • Payment Frequency: 14 days after the job is completed (7 days for top-rated transcribers)
  • Experience Required: None

Fiverr is a platform that enables the user to list almost every kind of professional service as they can. Although most people think the site is meant for beginners, it can also be used by seasoned transcribers.

You put a rate on the site, then someone will reach out to you for negotiations and if you don’t like what is being offered you can just decline. Look for reputable transcriptionists and refer to their pay structures for guidance. Don’t forget, quality and competition are key to setting the rate for your services. You can go to Fiverr to get new clients and then deactivate your account after you’ve found several reliable clients.

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3. Allegis Transcription

  • Pay: Between $13 and $17 per hour
  • Payment Method: Not available
  • Payment Frequency: Not available
  • Experience Required: Not required if you have experience with industry or legal transcription

Allegis Transcription manly focuses on transcriptions from the legal and insurance industries. The jobs are meant for independent contractors, meaning that you won’t be a part-time or full-time employee. Employees stated that the pay rates are low, so this job is more suitable for beginners. You can apply for jobs here so that you can get some experience before going for higher-paying jobs after a couple of months.

Their technology requirements state that you have to be based in the US.

4. Scribie

  • Pay: $5-$25 for every audio hour + potential bonuses
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Ant time
  • Experience Required: None

Scribie is amongst the lowest-paying transcription jobs for first-timers out there. The company has some perks for people looking to make it as transcriptionists.

When you join Scribie for the first time and get accepted, they’ll place you at the bottom of the totem pole. As a beginner, you’ll be required to transcribe short, raw audios that follow stringent formatting rules.

If you manage to complete a specific number of jobs (at least 10), you can then be promoted to a reviewer position. If you manage to transcribe the next set of audio files properly, you will be promoted to a self-reviewer position, then you’ll become a proofreader and after that you’ll become a QC (quality control).

The promotions are based on how you perform, which may come with a salary increase or another perk. For instance, you’ll be assigned jobs that don’t take a lot of time to finish. You will also earn a 2.5% referral fee for everyone that signs up as a Scribie customer or wants to work for Scribie.

It takes attention to detail and time to the next promotion level, but once you reach the two highest levels, your income will also increase meaning you’ll be able to make money faster.

5. TranscribeMe

  • Pay: $15+ per audio hour
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • Experience Required: None

TranscribeMe is also a transcription company suitable for beginners but the payment rates are fairly low.

The company provides a steady number of jobs for employees, and you’ll also be able to select the kind of audio files that you want to transcribe at your own time. The company divides long files into 2-to-4 minutes long clips so that you can transcribe them easily. This is great especially if you have children at home or are transcribing as a full-time job.

Same as Scribie, TranscribeMe also mentions their position advancement opportunities, but they’re not very specific when it comes to pay increase.

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6. GoTranscript

  • Pay: Up to $36 per audio hour
  • Payment Method: Payoneer or PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Every Friday
  • Experience Required: None

GoTranscript claims a “stable stream of jobs” for all submissions made each day. Unfortunately, the don’t provide a payment breakdown but only say that they give “up to $36 per audio hour” which is a bit vague.

The average payment every month is $150 with a high-earning payment of $1,215 per month. The average payment can easily be met by most part-time online transcribers.

7. Rev

  • Pay: $18-$66.60 per audio hour
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • Experience Required: None

Rev is an advance transcription agency, and your membership may not be accepted the first time you apply. Since the payment rates are better on Rev, they only take high-quality submissions. If you don’t get approve the first time you take the entry exam, don’t give up, try again. Improve on your transcription before taking the test again. You can use lower-paying sites such as Scriebie to improve your skills.

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8. Audio Transcription Center

  • Pay: Between $17-$19 per hour
  • Payment Method: Unclear
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • Experience Required: You require a WPM of 80 or above and be able to give back transcripts within 24 hours.

Audio Transcription Center which is based in Boston, provides both in-house, full-time positions and independent contract jobs. The transcription job they offer includes quarterly reports, historical archival footage, tech webinars and many more. The company doesn’t deal with any medical transcription jobs. You’ll have to conduct some basic research in order to verify spellings and names, especially when dealing with historic documents.

Most employees complain about the lack of work, so you’ll have to use other transcription sites at the same time.

9. Net Transcripts, Inc.

  • Pay: Depends on supplier
  • Payment Method: Depends on supplier
  • Payment Frequency: Depends on supplier
  • Experience Required: You may have to provide previous experience

Net Transcripts, Inc. is a company that deals with transcription jobs from law enforcement, such as 911 dispatch calls, interrogations, wire tap conversations and many others. The company acts as aggregator for prosecutors, police departments and other law enforcement jobs. The requirement for such lobs isn’t specified, but you may have to provide English fluency, previous experience and grammatical skills.

You’ll have to fill out an application and wait to be contacted by a recruiter.

How to Find Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

If you’re familiar with transcriptions jibs and would like to take the next step in your career, transcribing medical audio files from home can be a great fit.

Transcribing medical files requires someone who is familiar with medical terminology. If you don’t have any experience in this area, it can be difficult to transcribe audio files that have medical terminology even if you’re a good typist.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that someone doesn’t need certification in order to transcribe medical audio files, but it’s normally preferred. Most companies prefer hiring someone who has previously spent time in the medical field because they will be able to translate all the medical terminology found in the audio files.

In 2019, the median payment for transcribing medical audio files was $33,380 per year (or $16.04/hour). The rates depend on previous experience and the client’s budget.

3 Places That List Medical Transcription Jobs from Home:

  1. Indeed – salaries range from $45,00 – $80,000
  2. Glassdoor – salaries range from $15,000 – $53,000
  3. Zip Recruiter – salaries range from $45,000 – $55,000

Where to Find Legal Transcription Jobs from Home:

Transcription of legal audio files needs more knowledge compared to other transcription jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that you need a state license or certification in order to work in the legal field.

Such people are normally known as court reporters, transcriptionists in the legal department are required to type everything that takes place during live court proceedings. Transcription for legal audio files from home are only available for professional, certified transcriptionists who follow court proceedings through live broadcasting.

In 2019, the BLS set the median pay was set at $60,130 per year (which is $28.91/hour) for legal transcriptionists.

3 Places That List Legal Transcription Jobs from Home:

  1. Indeed – salaries range from forty thousand dollars to fifty-five thousand dollars
  2. Glassdoor – salaries range from eighteen thousand dollars to fifty-four thousand dollars
  3. Zip Recruiter – rates are not provided

Sign Up with Multiple Transcription Companies

The best way to get started as a transcriber is to sign up for with all the companies listed above. Create document or spreadsheet listing the companies that hire you from the highest to the lowest paying. Keep checking for new transcription jobs that allow you to work remotely. Make sure to aim to increase the hourly rate you get.

Having a good relationship with several transcription companies will help you to have a busy schedule with numerous jobs.

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